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How to Start a FinTech Company

So, what is it specifically that differentiates these exceptional startups from the rest of the crowd? You might have observed that some of the words used to describe all of the listed products were?—?“simple” or

Are Cryptocurrencies Actual Currencies?

Cryptocurrency is a now a legitimate buzzword, and it’s quite interesting to know what people think about it. Unlike blockchain, whose meaning people are still struggling to explain, cryptocurrencies are more associated with the money,

Building financial systems with Stellar — finally creating applications of real economic activity.

Let’s go back in time…it’s January 2018?—?after a very crypto-enthusiastic finish of 2017 we storm into the new year with high hopes. No matter how many moons some people flew to, we were all brought

Business Giants turn to Blockchain, Chatbots and Recognizing Needs: Why it is important for…

Each technology has its pioneers. The funny thing is, no matter the business niche, everybody is always ready to up and offer nothing short of a revolution. This spawns a paradox: instead of focusing on

3 Leading Fintech Trends For Businesses To Capitalize On Now

Financial services including banking and insurance are not just facing changes to their operations, as in the past. This time, entire business models are facing disruption. Let’s review the latest fintech trends and analyse their