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How Can Hierarchical Test Structure Absolutely Make a Mess?

source: pexels Have you ever written your unit tests using a simple xUnit style testing framework? Then you probably know, as tests get more complex, the more boilerplate and duplication they collect, either spread among

How Blockchain is Helping Africa to Develop

While Europe and Asia have already experienced several successive waves of cryptomania and are still struggling unsuccessfully with conservative elements inherent to state structures and national financial regulators to develop this market, Africa, in contrast,

From solving a problem to Google Play publishing with Flutter

After the moment I got interested in Flutter I was looking for ideas for a simple app that solves a problem. This post is a retrospection, two weeks after writing first lines of code. Problem

The Most Empowering Thing For Developers

The ABCs of Development Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash Taking a Step Back Earlier this year, I quit my cushiony job to be with my family. My stepdad needed multiple surgeries and needed me to take

10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Programmers and Geeks

Some gift ideas for your programmer friends and family members for holidays and links to buy them. Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash Hello guys, it’s that time of the year again when we love to spend time

How to get noticed in the Javascript world

The first part is knowing you’re allowed to, and encouraged to contribute. I had no idea about this, and I feel this is the major restriction. People don’t know you can do this. The next

iPad pro for web developers

If you are reading this, you might know that Apple announced its new iPad Pro. This new iPad shows enhanced performance and capacity, making it the fastest iPad to date. Some claim this is the

Join the #NoServerNovember Challenge

It’s my favorite time of year; the holiday season is in full-swing, we’re preparing for Thanksgiving, and it’s #NoServerNovember. Our team here at Serverless launched #NoServerNovember this year to help serverless enthusiasts up level up

Stop measuring R&D planning VS execution. Start measuring team velocity

Most of you know me as a product person, but in the past year-and-a-half, I’ve been leading our R&D team @Bizzabo. Since taking the lead, I’ve searched for the best way to measure R&D team

Pocket CEO Nate Weiner Explains How to Create a Top Productivity App

Like many people, I spend way too much time thumbing through news feeds and clicking on intriguing Twitter headlines. Over the years, I’ve investigated many ways of reducing how long I spend staring at my

Why Businesses Choose Ruby on Rails and Tips to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

google trends i will search ruby on rails trends to other technology compare. and i share screenshot. this day all top business industry like. business, shopping, health, travel, big data industry and top companies, entrepreneurs

Using Cosmic JS and Zapier to integrate your content across the Web

Configuring the Action The speed that man flies out of the window is comparable to the speed of the Integration. Now from this point we have established the following setup: Sets up a trigger that instantly

What you should know before working in Cybersecurity in the Military.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Heard you are working in the weapon industry now ? How is sleeping at night going for you? This sentence was addressed to me a few years ago by a friend’s dad

How StackView help your iOS app to be more dynamic

During the past years, autolayout was really useful to create dynamic interfaces for a multitude of devices with differing resolution. From iOS 9, is now possible to use a new UI component called UIStackView, that

Development Update: cPanel & WHM version 58 is coming, and starting version 60

UPDATE 7/7/16 Due to problems in the security and usability, the following features have been removed from cPanel & WHM version 58, and are now targeted for v60: Enhanced PHP-FPM supportThis includes both the UI

Development Update #2

Since our last Development Update we have been hard at work making new and exciting things for you and your customers. Last week we released a TSR security update to all supported versions of cPanel,

The cPanel Development Process

One of the most common things seen on the features site is users asking for a feature request to be added to the next version of cPanel. While we do evaluate each request for inclusion

Maintaining Application Compatibility

With version 11.28 of cPanel & WHM making it’s way into the production update tiers, now is a great time to discuss your application testing strategies. It’s every developer’s responsibility to test and verify their