Using heading tags to optimise your website for Google


Search engines recognise that, if they can identify a heading it is very likely to be relevant to the body of text below it. In other words, headings are an opportunity to position keywords.

    But, there are headings and there are headings! Appearances are deceptive.
    Google cannot read an image, so you need to use text headings

    How best to create a heading
    You need to create a heading within a heading tag.

    In the HTML code it looks like this:

    <H1>This is how to create a heading</H1>
    <H2>This is how to create a heading</H2>
    or, for smaller font size…
    <H6>This is how to create a heading</H6>

    <p>Alot of designers will use classes to make their headings look different
    the body text.

    By example:
    <p class="heading">This is a heading whose style is defined

    by a class

    These are not as effective as heading tags! But, you can use a heading
    tag and create a style for that heading tag in your style sheet.