They lied to you about car surveillance

They lied to you about car surveillance

We now know that the data collection in modern cars is out of control — The question is, how does that data even leave your car? And what, if anything, can you do to stop it?

That’s what we cover in this video, Part 3 of our car privacy series: SIM cards, WiFi, and OBD ports.

We also talk about how companies trick us into handing over our data, things that we can do to push back against this insane overreach that we’ve somehow normalized, and the giant legal loophole for cars that makes it super easy for law enforcement to collect your data without a warrant.

00:00 Your Car Saw What You Did in the Backseat!
02:57 Don’t plug in ANYTHING
04:41 Satellite and Bluetooth
05:47 WiFi
06:29 SIM Cards
08:22 Find out what’s going on!
11:10 Shady Tactics
14:38 Challenging Data Overreach
16:35 Car Warrant Loophole
18:00 There is Hope

There currently are no easy fixes to the problem of car surveillance. Car manufacturers currently only see the opportunities that come from selling your data. Let’s make sure they also see the opportunity of offering privacy as a feature, by making our voice heard!

Special Thanks to: Andrea, Woody, Sam, and David for sharing their expertise!

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