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Anyone who has a website or blog needs more traffic. And SEMRush is the tool that can help with all of this. I use SEM Rush for keyword research, to reverse-engineer competitors’ rankings and keywords, and ultimately to find ways to increase organic traffic to my websites.

I hope you enjoy my review and tutorial of SEMRush!

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So what’s inside this video? I’m going to show you how to use SEMRush keyword resears tools, and domain analytics tools, in order to uncover some excellent keywords that you can target for your website or blog.

What is SEMRush? Well, SEMRush is one of the best Ahrefs alternatives and I’ve tried to do a comparison here of Ahrefs vs SEMRush. SEMRush is a huge tool that can do a LOT. The team at SEMRush have been actively developing the tool, and there are lots of new and exciting features that I have not seen in any other tool (such as keyword gaps and backlink gaps).

Overall, SEMRush features are numerous, and it’s hard to cover in one video. So in this review today, I’ve focused on the features that I use the most – and that’s reverse-engineering competition’s keywords, and finding keywords from a seed keyword.

Firstly, I’m showing how to use SEM Rush domain analytics suite of tools. This is very handy when you’re doing your research: for example, if you’re wondering if a niche is a good niche to start a blog in. Or, if you want to find out more about your competitors’ websites. I’m showing step by step how to use SEMRush to reverse-engineer all the keywords that competitors are using, and also to find out super-easy keywords among them.

The second area I’m showing in this review today, is the SEMRush Keyword Magic tool. With this tool, you can enter your “seed” keyword, such as “hawaii”, and SEMRush will produce a list of all keywords that contain this keyword. After that, you can quickly apply some advanced filters to filter out all difficult keywords, and only leave keywords for which you actually have a chance to rank for.

So, is SEMRush worth it? Well, it’s a premium tool and it has a premium pricing model. I do, however, have a special deal for the viewers of this channel – an extended free trial offer:

Standard SEMRush free trial is for a 7-day period. For the viewers of this channel, I have secured a special 14-day free trial, and you can test out SEMRush on a 14-day free trial here: ?


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00:00 INTRO
01:40 Who is SEMRush for?
02:40 DOMAIN ANALYSIS – how to reverse-engineer competitors’ sites
07:15 SERP ANALYSIS – quickly see if a keyword is good
08:50 KEYWORD GAP – unique way to find keywords
10:59 BACKLINK GAP – quickly find link building opportunities
12:04 KEYWORD MAGIC – generate keyword lists from a seed keyword
14:50 PRICING & Extended Free Trial Deal