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Pc Mag offers us a weekly overview of the worms and virus events happening in our online world.. THey also, thank heaven offer ways to combat the problems.

This week, they offer us a special addition, which follows a week rampant with reports of vulnerabilities from across the internet and across the globe..beginning of course, with our favorite, windows.
Oh Hail and yipee..

Microsoft’s MS05-019 advisory which was called “Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Could Allow Remote Code Execution and Denial of Service” is just about the most spooky of the ones they released last week if you don’t have SP2.

There are five different bugs described in the advisory and addressed by the patch, but it’s the first one, “IP Validation Vulnerability,” that is especially scary. This is another Blaster,in its infancy.

A remote attacker could, by sending specially-malformed IP packets to a system, execute code on that system.
as PC mag puts it..
we have three things to learn from this..

1. Install the patch immediately
2. Install the patch immediately

THeres a cool little article out there which offers you the chance to check out your site from a hackers point of view..might be worth your time, even if you aren’t operating a credit card site, or taking personal info.. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer my site, to stay my site, and not spread any personal info I have about people to someone else..

That wasn’t the only fun news this week.. Reuters, which for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a news and information service based in London, had to shut down a corporate IM network because of a worm infestation. It seems they were infected ith Kelvir, and spent most of Thursday battling it..

Well-known sites in recent months and years to fall prey to web application attacks Guess, a fashion company, and pet retailer PetCo.com who were vulnerable to the SQL injection vulnerability in June of 2003.
This resulted in PetCo leaving as many as 500,000 credit card numbers open to anyone able to construct this specially-crafted URL.

Congress is kicking around a taxes for the internet,(again) phishing is up, viruses are up, internet scams are on the rise..

Somebody, find me the good news??

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