Modify the Joomla 1.0.8 htaccess

As some of you might have noticed , after the recent Fantastico upgrade for Joomla to 1.0.8 , netenberg have choosen to install a default .htaccess file which forces you to either run “AllowOverride All ” in your httpd.conf , which in my opinion is a security issue or disable “FollowSymLinks ” in the .htaccess file
This guide will show you how to disable “FollowSymLinks ” in the .htaccess file by default on your netenberg Masterfile so you wont get this nasty 403 error after a normal instal or upgrade to Joomla 1.0.8 with fantastico

Firstly log into shell and find your netenberg install

locate netenberg

Mine is located in the var directory but if you have choosen a different directory
when you initially installed fantastico then the locate command will give you
the correct info where to find it

Double check the correctness of the path

cd /var/netenberg/archives/fantastico_de_luxe

Copy netenbergs/joomla package into your root directory

cp /var/netenberg/archives/fantastico_de_luxe/Joomla.tgz

Go to the root directory

cd /

Double check the copy has been successful


Unzipping joomla for editing

tar -zxvf Joomla.tgz

Then go into the new directory

cd Joomla

Start editing the .htaccess file with your text editor (pico or nano)

pico .htaccess

Scroll down to Options FollowSymLinks and comment it out to

#Options FollowSymLinks

Ctrl X and Y and Enter will save your edit ,
so thats done now 🙂

Now we need to repackage the whole stuff
Firstly delete the old Joomla package

cd ../
rm -f Joomla.tgz

And then tar Joomla again

tar -czvf Joomla.tgz Joomla/

Now you just need to copy this over and replace it with your other Joomla
package (please make sure again to be using your individual path to netenberg)

cp Joomla.tgz /var/netenberg/archives/fantastico_de_luxe/Joomla.tgz

It will ask you if you wanna overwrite it just press Y
and enter

So now you did the edit to your fantastico master file for Joomla
Better go and test it with a fresh test install.

With this guide you can actually do a lot of edits for your preinstalled scripts
like edit the footer to reflect your hosting company or others !