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#Life@NGINX: A Day in the Life | Meet Veena!

As part of our #Life@NGINX series, we’re chatting with members of our team around the world to find out more about what they do, why they to do it, and how we can all contribute


Fedora 30 Netinstall / Server Install Guide

This is guide with screenshots, howto install Fedora 30 (F30) Server using Fedora Netinstall image. This same Fedora Netinstall method work for desktop installation too. Desktop is possible select Software Selection step. 1. Before Fedora


How Not to Lose Your Customer in 3 Seconds

We have made the claim many times before, but it’s as true as ever: in our increasingly digital world, every company is now a tech company. We spend an average of 6 hours online every day,


Cost-Optimize Your Next NGINX Plus Deployment with Amazon EC2 A1 Instances

As an NGINX user, you are probably familiar with Arm as an IP provider for smartphones, but you might not know that Arm also delivers solutions for a range of infrastructures, from cloud to edge.

Announcing NGINX Plus R19

We are pleased to announce that NGINX Plus Release 19 (R19) is now available. NGINX Plus is the only all-in-one load balancer, content cache, web server, and API gateway. Based on NGINX Open Source, NGINX Plus

NGINX vs. Avi: Performance in the Cloud

Slow is the new down – according to Pingdom, the bounce rate for a website that takes 5 seconds to load is close to 40%. So what does that mean? If your site takes that long

How to install Spotify application on Linux nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

How do I install Spotify application on Linux desktop to stream music?Spotify is a digital music stream service that provides you access to tons of songs. You can stream for free or buy a subscription.

In comics: Linux celebrates 28th birthday nixCraft

On 26 August 1991, Linus Torvalds announced hobby project that was supposed to better than Minix operating systems. He said I am doing a free operating system. Just a hobby and won’t be big or

Dell announces new Linux XPS 13 developer edition 7390 laptop nixCraft

Dell recently announced the new XPS 13 developer edition powered by Ubuntu Linux and Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake CPUs. The new device will soon be available in the US, Canada, and European markets. It

BASH Fix Display and Console Garbage and Gibberish on a Linux / Unix / macOS nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

Sometimes my R & D result in the weird output on the screen. For example, accidentally I run cat command over binary file – cat /sbin/*. You will be not able to access your bash/ksh/zsh

How to install htop on RHEL 8 using yum nixCraft

I am a new user of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. How do I install htop on RHEL 8 using the yum command?Introduction – htop is nothing but Interactive process viewer for RHEL (Red Hat

Explain: {,} in cp or mv Bash Shell Commands nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I often see commands as follows posted on blog or forumscp /etc/httpd/httpd.{,.bakup}ORmv resume{z,}.docWhat is the purpose of {,} in Linux and Unix shell commands?{} is nothing but brace expansion and usually used to generate combinations.

Transitioning to DevOps: Advice from an NGINX Expert

Enterprises across the world today are becoming increasingly interested in leveraging DevOps to deliver applications and services at a fast pace. However, at most organizations, awareness of DevOps has remained confined to abstract principles rather

FreeBSD Display Information About The System Hardware nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

FreeBSD comes with different utilities, which can be used to gather the information as per your needs. The uname command is used to print system information, and dmesg command is used to print kernel ring