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How to create portable documents with CBZ and DjVu

Recently, I discovered that my great-great-grandfather wrote two books near the turn of the 20th century: one about sailing and the other about his career as New York City’s fire chief. The books have a


14 days of celebrating the Raspberry Pi

Happy Pi Day! Every year on March 14th, we geeks celebrate Pi Day. In the way we abbreviate dates—MMDD—March 14 is written 03/14, which numerically reminds us of 3.14, or the first three numbers of


How old is your oldest Raspberry Pi?

Today is Pi Day, a day in which we celebrate the date ticking up to the 3.14 approximation of ? (at least for those of us who use American-style dates). We also take today to celebrate


7 resources for learning to use your Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small, single-board computer originally intended for teaching and learning programming and computer science. But today it’s so much more. It is affordable, low-energy computing power that people can use for


Learn about computer security with the Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux

Is there a hotter topic in technology than securing your computer? Some experts will tell you that there is no such thing as perfect security. They joke that if you want your server or application

Install and Configure an OpenVPN on Debian 9 In 5 Minutes nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I am a new Debian Linux version 9 server user. How do I setup an OpenVPN Server on Debian Linux version 9.x or 8.x server to shield my browsing activity from bad guys on public


Take five for women in tech

One might say “the more thanks we give, the more thanks we get.” It may not feel like it some days, but I do believe that being grateful helps us keep a healthy, happy mind.


How to use your Raspberry Pi for entertainment

So far, this series has focused on more serious topics—how to choose, buy, set up, and update your Raspberry Pi, and different things kids and adults can learn with it (including Linux). But now it’s time

Linux bash exit status and how to set exit status in bash nixCraft

Can you explain bash exit status code? How do I set bash exit status in my Linux shell scripts?Each Linux or Unix command returns a status when it terminates normally or abnormally. You can use

RHEL 8 install Python 3 or Python 2 using yum nixCraft

I need to install Python 3 for Ansible IT automation tool on RHEL 8. How do I install Python 3 on RHEL 8? Is it possible to install Python 2 for legacy apps on RHEL

Configure Ubuntu Pi-hole for Cloudflare DNS over HTTPS nixCraft

I installed OpenVPN VPN solutions on Ubuntu for my businesses to secure all data communications. I also set up Pin-hole ad blocker on Ubuntu server along with OpenVPN. How do I force Pi-hole to use

How to install htop on Alpine Linux using apk nixCraft

I am a new user of Alpine Linux. How do I install htop on Alpine Linux using the apk command?Introduction – htop is nothing but Interactive process viewer for Alpine Linux. It is just like

Linux OpenSSH server deny root user access / log in nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

How do I block access to root user over ssh session on my Linux server? How can I block root user log in over ssh based session for security reasons?The sshd (OpenSSH Daemon) is the

Linux kernel 5.0 released and here is how to install it nixCraft

Linus Torvalds the creator and the principal developer of the Linux kernel announced the release of Linux kernel version 5.0. This release increases the major kernel version number to 5. from 4.x. The new change


Learn Linux with the Raspberry Pi

In the third article in this series on getting started with Raspberry Pi, I shared info on installing Raspbian, the official version of Linux for Raspberry Pi. Now that you’ve installed Raspbian and booted up


What you need to know about Ansible modules

Ansible works by connecting to nodes and sending small programs called modules to be executed remotely. This makes it a push architecture, where configuration is pushed from Ansible to servers without agents, as opposed to


Which Raspberry Pi should you choose?

This is the first article in a 14-day series on getting started with the Raspberry Pi. Although the series is geared towards people who have never used a Raspberry Pi or Linux or programming, there


The current state of free music in 2019

There are a number of reasons why a composer or musician or band might want to release their music in some free form, say under an Attribution-ShareAlike license like CC BY-SA 4.0. (Wikipedia’s Creative Commons

Increase your Linux server Internet speed with TCP BBR congestion control nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I recently read that TCP BBR has significantly increased throughput and reduced latency for connections on Google’s internal backbone networks and and YouTube Web servers throughput by 4 percent on average globally – and

Perl: warning: Setting locale failed in Debian and Ubuntu nixCraft

I am trying to install package and doing some other work. But, getting the error that read as “perl: warning: Setting locale failed. perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:” How do I fix