Facebook Testing Admin Interface To Contact Likers


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Big news from Facebook-land. Soon Page Admins will be able to contact those that have ‘liked’ them via an interface on the site. This function has been available somewhat behind the scenes, but it took a little tech-savvy to figure it out and probably wasn’t very widespread. Creating an actual interface for this feature will make it much easier for the average Admin to utilize.

Recently, Facebook has begun testing an interface to make that communication and the monitoring of those likers more efficient with an “administration interface”.

While it’s still something that many people were capable of accomplishing previously, this new interface, which is essentially just a Facebook Page, made visible to the owner of the website, makes it a heck of a lot easier to contact likers. While I’m sure there were some companies who were already contacting the likers directly, this new frictionless way of publishing to their newsfeed will most definitely present some great opportunities to marketers.

According to the company who forwarded this to us, it appears as though you navigate to the administration page by clicking on “Administer” from the liked page. We’re still trying to get more details, but making it easy for administrators to contact likers is a huge reduction of friction that will most likely result in many more published stories on Facebook.

full story: HUGE: Facebook Releases Admin Interface To Contact Likers.