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How to Enable RPMForge Repository in RHEL/CentOS 7.x/6.x/5.x

RPMForge/RepoForge both projects are dead and should not be used – Please use EPEL Repository. RPMforge repository is a utility that is used to install third party software packages under Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Fedora 21 Released – A Quick Review with Screenshots and Upgrade to Fedora 21 from Older Versions

Finally, the Fedora Projects announced the availability of the latest release of Fedora 21, which shapes with many new changes and updates, in this quick-post we’ll talk about the most important changes in the new

Configuring Squid Proxy Server with Restricted Access and Setting Up Clients to Use Proxy – Part 5

A Linux Foundation Certified Engineer? is a skilled professional who has the expertise to install, manage, and troubleshoot network services in Linux systems, and is in charge of the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of

cPanel & WHM 11.46 Webinar

In case you missed last week’s webinar on cPanel & WHM 11.46, we’re happy to provide you with a nifty recording of the discussion. Feel free to share the new knowledge with your team and

How to Install and Configure ‘Cache Only DNS Server’ with ‘Unbound’ in RHEL/CentOS 7

Caching name servers using ‘Unbound‘ ( is a validating, recursive, and caching DNS server software ), back in RHEL/CentOS 6.x (where x is version number), we used bind software to configure DNS servers. Here in

13 Linux Performance Monitoring Tools – Part 2

If you’re working as a Linux/Unix system administrator, sure you know that you must have useful monitoring tools to monitor your computers & systems, monitoring tools are very important in the job of a system

Deploying a WordPress site to a staging or live server

A WordPress developer’s workflow will at some point involve migrating a site that has been developed on a local computer to a live or staging server. The process for a particular project may look something

How to Setup a Complete Mail Server (Postfix) using ‘SquirrelMail’ (Webmail) on Ubuntu/Debian

Creating a mail server on Linux powered machines can be one of the most essential things that every system administrator needs to do while configuring his servers for the first time, if you don’t know

Denver, here we come!

Denver will be the host city to cPanel Conference 2015! After a successful run in Houston, the cPanel team knew that we wanted to make the 10th anniversary of cPanel Conference extra special. We wanted

10 ‘free’ Commands to Check Memory Usage in Linux

Linux is one of the most popular open source operating system and comes with huge set of commands. The most important and single way of determining the total available space of the physical memory and

Introduction to using the WHM API

Hey everyone! This post is meant to be a brief overview for using the WHM API. We’ll explore two methods of using the API – from a browser and from a Perl script on the

Create More Advance GUI Applications Using PyGobject Tool in Linux – Part 2

We continue our series about creating GUI applications under the Linux desktop using PyGObject, This is the second part of the series and today we’ll be talking about creating more functional applications using some advanced

How to Setup Standalone Apache Server with Name-Based Virtual Hosting with SSL Certificate – Part 4

A LFCE (short for Linux Foundation Certified Engineer) is a trained professional who has the expertise to install, manage, and troubleshoot network services in Linux systems, and is in charge of the design, implementation and

Setting Up LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP and PhpMyAdmin) in Ubuntu Server 14.10

LAMP stack (Linux, Apache,MySQL/ MariaDB, PHP and PhpMyAdmin) represents a group of Open Source software commonly used in one of the most spread service in Internet today related to Web services. Install LAMP in Ubuntu

Holiday Discounts on WordPress Learning, Themes, Hosting & Plugins

Thanksgiving is a great time to stock up on some new WordPress treats 🙂 Many WordPress shops are discounting their products for a limited time. There are many, many deals out there, but here are the

Configuring FreeNAS to Setup ZFS Storage Disks and Creating NFS Shares On FreeNAS – Part 2

In our previous article, we’ve shown you how to install FreeNAS server. In this article we will cover configuration of FreeNAS and setting up storage using ZFS. Add ZFS Disks to FreeNAS Requirements Installation of

11 ‘Avconv’ Commands to Record, Convert and Extract Videos & Audios from Linux Terminal

In the previous article, we talked about How to Record Desktop Video & Audio Using ‘Avconv’ Tool. We mentioned that there are many other ways of usage for the “avconv” tool to deal with multimedia

How to Setup Encrypted Filesystems and Swap Space Using ‘Cryptsetup’ Tool in Linux – Part 3

A LFCE (short for Linux Foundation Certified Engineer?) is trained and has the expertise to install, manage, and troubleshoot network services in Linux systems, and is in charge of the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance

How to Stream Favorite Movies (MP4 Files) From Linux Terminal to Your Apple TV

If you are in search of a solution to stream your downloaded movie content to an Apple TV on your home network, you may have hit a barrier that many Linux users hit, which is

Stop Chrome messing with your forms

Google Chrome may be a popular and easy to use browser, but it plays fast and loose with website designers’ wishes regarding forms on their sites. It autocompletes form fields – useful sometimes, but it