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8 Superb Abandoned Cart Emails – Learn From Them to Stop Missing Out on 7 Out of 10 Buyers

Although e-commerce is experiencing spectacular growth ($2.3 trillion in sales since 2017, a number that’s expected to double by 2021!), there’s still a lot of room for optimization. This is where abandoned cart emails come into play.

The Significance of Marketing Strategies for Your Business

The scope of the term ‘marketing’ is not just restricted to advertising a product or a service, but also encapsulates the element of disseminating vital information. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons


Make websites more readable with a shell script

If you want people to find your website useful, they need to be able to read it. The colors you choose for your text can affect the readability of your site. Unfortunately, a popular trend in

An Interview With Marko Jukic: Nobody Knows How To Learn A Language

AndrewBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing Feb 14 In 2010, I founded what has now become (sometimes called “Russian Techcrunch”) and spent the first 5 years actively contributing to the website by writing thousands of posts, ranging from from

Amazon Won’t Build Its HQ2 in New York City

The company says it will no longer build its highly anticipated office in Queens, after the deal faced backlash from politicians, taxpayers, and activists.

You Don’t Need to Quit Your Job to Make

“I want to debunk the myth that originality requires extreme risk taking and persuade you that originals are actually far more ordinary than we realize.”?—?Adam Grant, Originals Hi readers. Allow me to introduce myself: I’m

Now Available – Five New Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances: M5, M5d, R5, R5d, and z1d

Today we are launching the five new EC2 bare metal instances that I promised you a few months ago. Your operating system runs on the underlying hardware and has direct access to the processor and other hardware. The instances are powered by AWS-custom Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor (Skylake) processors that deliver sustained all-core Turbo performance. […]


How to Make a Personal Resume Website: From a WordPress Theme

What You’ll Be Creating In the modern work world, a simple resume is often not enough. Sure, it’s imperative to send it along with any job application, but if you truly want to stand out you need

How to Select the Best Domain Registrar (Our Recommendations)

What’s one of the first (and sometimes more difficult) parts of building a website? Yes, the domain name. Sometimes it comes easy–if you already have a …

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Why I love free software

I love Free Software FSFE celebration

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a charity that supports and promote the use of free software. Their latest income and expense report for 2017, shows that much of their efforts focus on, beyond basic infrastructure costs, public awareness, legal work, and policy work.

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Drinking coffee with AWK

The following is based on a true story, although some names and details have been changed. A long time ago, in a place far away, there was an office. The office did not, for various

How to Install and Setup Zsh (Z Shell) in Fedora

Zsh (short for Z Shell) is a feature-rich and powerful shell program for Unix-like operating systems with lots of interactive features. It is an extended version of the Bourne Shell (sh), with a large...

Load Testing Web Servers with Siege Benchmarking Tool

Knowing how much traffic your web server can handle when under stress is essential for planning future grow of your website or application. By using tool called siege, you can run a load test...

2019 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock is an old spin on an old truck – Roadshow

The two don’t have much in common, though, aside from the use of “Warlock.”


How to Make an Animated Beating Heart with SVG

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The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Is Scrambling Telecom Politics

Democrats have often opposed telecom mergers, but some prominent Democrats support T-Mobile’s proposed acquisition of Sprint.

New – Infrequent Access Storage Class for Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)

lets you create petabyte-scale file systems that can be accessed in massively parallel fashion from hundreds or thousands of EC2 instances and on-premises servers, while scaling on demand without disrupting applications. Since the mid-2016 launch of EFS, we have added many new features including encryption of data at rest and in transit, a provisioned throughput […]

Starting a Career in Digital Marketing: Nearly Everything You Need to Know

This comprehensive guide walks you through the steps it takes to become a digital marketer.

Hexagonal Architecture with Kotlin, Ktor and Guice

Module Layout Module diagram auto-generated by IntelliJ Our ports and adapters implementation has four modules: App, Domain, Ports, Adapters. Both ‘Domain’ and ‘Adapters’ depend on ‘Ports’. ‘Domain’ and ‘Adapters’ cannot see each other. ‘App’ can see