You can start a venture fund if you’re not rich; here’s how

For years — decades, even — there was little question about whether you could become a venture capitalist if you weren’t comfortable financially. You couldn’t. The people and institutions that invest in venture funds want to know that fund managers have their own “skin in the game,” so they’ve long required a sizable check from the investor’s own pocket before jumping aboard.…
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How to Be a Force for Good in Times of Crisis and Darkness

The world is on fire. At least, that’s what it seems like. Sometimes quite literally. Wherever you look, there are problems: A deadly global pandemic Wildfires on several continents Police brutality, escalating protests, and racial tensions Economic problems and huge unemployment numbers A growing social divide and political tensions Lack of effective political leadership and growing authoritarianism in several countries All of this is reason enough to despair and many of us do.…
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