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The WIRED Guide to Aliens

It’s late on a clear night. You’re driving down a winding county highway—no headlights for miles—and you steer the car over to the shoulder. You get out, wait for the dome light to blink off,

Cannabis: The Complete WIRED Guide

Humanity just can’t make up its mind about cannabis. For thousands of years, humans have used the stuff as medicine or to travel on spiritual quests. That, though, didn’t quite suit the British, who banned

Quantum Entanglement = Simulated Reality

Einstein and Bohr had a great debate at The Solvay Conference in Belgium in 1927. Here was a gathering of some of the most intelligent people on Earth. 1927 Solvay Conference of Realism vs Quantum Einstein believed

The WIRED Guide to Commercial Human Space Flight

On the morning of December 13, 2018, the Virgin Galactic WhiteKnightTwo wheeled down a stark runway in Mojave, California, ready to take off. Whining like a regular passenger jet, the twin-hulled catamaran of an airplane

Breaking The Ice: A Crash Course In IPFS, Ethereum And Fat Protocols Of The Future

Organization is a necessity nowadays. We make long lists of items to buy, send detailed emails about our work, and spend hours on our phones. We like to stay one step ahead by being efficient.

Climate Change: The Complete WIRED Guide

The world is busted. For decades, scientists have carefully accumulated data that confirms what we hoped wasn’t true: The greenhouse gas emissions that have steadily spewed from cars and planes and factories, the technologies that

Mac vs. PC

On an individual basis, the merits of a Mac or a PC appear to be subjective and relative to necessity. Some prefer Macs because of their dedication to simplicity, security, and their free suite of

Connecting the dots: 100k protein network graph using AI and GPU-accelerated clustering

A 100,000 node graph that relates 3,900,087 protein fragments through their biophysical features Synopsis Combinatorial mutagenesis (CM) is an established approach to protein engineering in pharma and industrial settings. As an extremely laborious process, CM

The Complete History And Future of Robots

Modern robots are not unlike toddlers: It’s hilarious to watch them fall over, but deep down we know that if we laugh too hard, they might develop a complex and grow up to start World

What is Crispr Gene Editing? The Complete WIRED Guide

In the early days of gene editing, biologists had a molecular tool kit that was somewhat akin to a printing press. Which is to say, altering DNA was a messy, labor-intensive process of loading genes