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Office Productivity Tips: How to Setup a Desk to Create Better Focus

1. Throw distractions away from work desk I am going straight to the point here?—?Do not put your smartphone on your work desk! I learned this lesson in my previous company where I charged my smartphone

You Don’t Need to Quit Your Job to Make

“I want to debunk the myth that originality requires extreme risk taking and persuade you that originals are actually far more ordinary than we realize.”?—?Adam Grant, Originals Hi readers. Allow me to introduce myself: I’m

Key To Success: Self-Discipline

Focus on Identity To put it simply, when you’re trying to change your behaviour, forget about the goal you’re trying to achieve, the external outcome, and instead focus on the change in identity you want to

Stop Calling People “Talented”

countless hours wasted, countless more to come There’s this game called Age of Empires III which involves picking a map, building one’s empire, and destroying the opponents’ with our armies. Now, once I start playing this