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You are not Facebook. You are not Google.

You are also not Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix or one of several other big tech companies I could mention here. If I have excluded anybody reading this – I am sorry. Maybe you will still

My SIM swap attack: How I almost lost $71K, and how to prevent it

On June 25th, I became a victim of SIM swapping, targeted along with dozens of other leaders in the blockchain community. This type of account takeover (ATO) fraud, also referred to as Port-Out scam, SIM

Answering The Famous Monty Hall Puzzle with the Monte Carlo Technique

Monte Carlo is a conceptually simple but powerful technique that is widely used. It makes use of randomness to answer questions. Monty Hall Problem The first time I was introduced to the Monty Hall problem

About Our Information-based Reality with Riz Virk

Episode 61 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with Author/Entrepreneur Riz Virk: [embedded content] In this episode Derek Bernard interviews Hacker Noon contributing author, Riz Virk to discuss his recently published book, The Simulation

Augmented Reality vs. Mixed Reality vs. Virtual Reality

With constant development in computer vision and the exponential advancement of computer processing power, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR) technology is becoming more and more prominent.  With some overlap in

Does Economic Uncertainty Create More Demand for Gold and Bitcoin?

The world is moving into a new era filled with political, economic and social instability. With reports showing how most countries including the US are running fiscal deficits, capital markets are becoming increasingly volatile as

This Bull Run is Fundamentally Different Than the Previous One. Here’s Why

Everyone knows about the time in 2017 and early 2018 when bitcoin hit over $20,000 USD and Ethereum was sitting nicely at $1,300+. In fact, the total market cap for coins and tokens listed on

Hacker Noon’s Bitcoin Manifesto

Hint: We’re Turning Up the Heat on Bitcoin Stories. Only the best will make the cut. I) #Bitcoin Spotlight: An Exclusive Corner for The Awesome Bitcoin Stories If a story on Hacker Noon is tagged

11 Techniques and 5 Tools to Work Toward Limitless Team Productivity

Team productivity drives success to companies in all industries. The role of the team leader is to help the team achieve better results without a professional burning-out. How do you increase team productivity and keep

Interviews with My Machine Learning Heroes

Meta Article with links to all the interviews with my Machine Learning Heroes: Practitioners, Researchers and Kagglers. During the past few months, I’ve spent time interviewing great practitioners, researchers and kagglers. This post serves as

The happy ending to my burnout story

Burnout is a scary thing. It creeps in when you least expect it. And it usually takes longer than usual for you to realize it’s even happening. Let’s back up a few months. In September

State Controlled Internet: The Story About VPNs in China

Censorship is closely related to politics. The annual global ranking of Internet freedom clearly illustrates this dependence. States that violate human rights also block undesirable websites or block access to the global network. Only 13

#DevStories @ GitHub HQ, and Officially Oversubscribed Crowdfund!

Hey Hackers, Two great things happened last night: Firstly, 120+ developers showed up to our Hacker Noon #devstories @Github event, which was the first time 3 of our 8 speakers (all veteran developers btw) gave a

Meet the New Hacker Noon Editors

But first, shout out to our investors of the week: Simon Zhu, Kevin Weiler, and James Poole ? Our equity crowdfund is up to $1,021,265.47 from 1,086 investors, and is ending soon. Our goal is to

Beyond Crypto?—?Blockchain Ethics

The Not So Good 51% Attacks and Double Spending As I mentioned before, blockchains are just nodes (people’s computers) working together to create a network. One of the beauties of these nodes is that their owners are

The Ultimate Guide To Pair Programming

Lessons From My Summer At Menlo Innovations Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash Many programmers are skeptical about pair programming: The agile software development technique in which two programmers work at one workstation. This is the

How At-Home Crypto Mining Outperforms Buying Crypto

Introduction Looking in from the outside, cryptocurrency mining can be opaque and confusing. It is intimidating to learn about, to say nothing of trying to determine whether it makes sense to actually participate in. In

The Future of Data: A Decentralized Graph Database

Photo by Ander Burdain on Unsplash A paradigm shift is happening that will change the way companies store, compute and transmit data. This shift will give birth to a plethora of new opportunities, including solutions to

What We Can Learn from Crypto’s Anti-Hero

“The house of Cypherpunks has many rooms.” –Timothy May Last month, Timothy May, the incendiary co-founder of the Cypherpunks mailing list and author of the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto, died, leaving behind a complicated legacy for the