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Blockchain for social good. Reviewing top use cases in 2018.

Most blockchain projects are aimed at raising funds and generating profits with meaningless products, but some of them are designed to help those in need, through joint efforts of the community, solve acute social problems

Can Facebook’s “Give People the Power” Mission be Accomplished Through the Blockchain?

When you last tried to register on any web service, you were likely to see a “login with Facebook” button somewhere during that process. This small detail emphasizes the enormous influence of this social network

How Blockchain Could Power the Decentralized Internet

Blockchain has been described as the technology that can power the next generation of the internet?—?the decentralized web, or web3. What is Centralization? It is important to understand how the internet is currently “centralized” and

Introduction to cryptocurrency primary markets and token issuance mechanisms

5. Single-round token sale After Ethereum’s mind-boggling expansion, many token issuers went through the tokenized sale route via smart contracts. On paper, it’s a fair deal compared to PoW and fork issuance mechanisms that often over-reward

Surviving Crypto Winter?—?Part 2?—?Blockstack and the Great Pendulum of History

Welcome to part two of the Surviving Crypto Winter series (part one is here), where I profile companies and projects that have a shot at surviving the winds of crypto winter and thriving when dreams

10 Best Infographics Of 2018

We have had so many great projects this year that it was exceedingly difficult to narrow it down to just ten of our favorite projects. A sincere thank you to all of our clients who

Is the Malta ICO regulation crypto-friendly?

Malta-based ICO regulation In November, Malta passed a 63-page regulation detailing the requirements for issuing virtual financial assets, better known as cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets or tokens. While many in the crypto community welcome this change as

Are Cryptocurrencies Actual Currencies?

Cryptocurrency is a now a legitimate buzzword, and it’s quite interesting to know what people think about it. Unlike blockchain, whose meaning people are still struggling to explain, cryptocurrencies are more associated with the money,

A Cryptocurrency Freedom Manifesto — Is it Too Late for Bitcoin?

Dec 31, 2018 A lot has happened since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin in a white paper in 2008 following the financial crisis. Part of his motivation at the time was to have an electronic based

Top 7 Blockchain Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

The evolution of blockchain for the past few years have been breathtaking. From a technological perspective, it has pushed new boundaries, but that doesn’t mean it is still out of its infant stage. When compared

2019’s Security Token Market Trends

By: Kadeem Clarke, Investment Manager at 8 Decimal Capital As a blockchain-focused venture capital fund, 8 Decimal Capital is focused on assisting in the mass adoption of blockchain technology. We believe that this can be

Welcome the Metamask mobile analog: nobody needs to build crypto wallets anymore

As an experienced crypto wallet developer, we offer a white label wallet solution for different blockchain projects. Many companies that have their own token or decentralized app have reached out to us with the request

Security tokens in the US: regulations and exemptions under the SEC laws

The USA and Switzerland became the first countries to initiate the legitimization of tokens. It is up to them that today we know the difference between security and utility tokens. Despite the fact that no

Cryptocurrency Viability Analysis 2018 Q4

Cryptocurrencies are the future and Blockchain is here to stay! Disclaimer: Data sourced from InWara. This is not financial advice. Cryptocurrency market continues to plunge with major currencies losing over 40% market cap in just a

Can Facebook Ads Tell Us Which Asian Country Is Most Crypto-Crazy?

As a marketer in the crypto/blockchain space, I’m fascinated by how similar and yet different crypto marketing and “traditional” digital marketing are. I’ve been particularly interested in the reaction in Asia to the crypto craze,

Why Cryptocurrency Will Probably Not Substitute Real Money In The Nearest Future?

Well, because people have fear… we always fear the unknown, right?. And Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are still too complicated to be understood by the masses. Some time it is difficult to completely understand how they

A Global Financial System with Hoskinson: “We Are Only as Good as the Tools We Have”

The doors opened, and attendees flooded back into the room to catch the closing keynote of the StartEngine Summit: Charles Hoskinson, founding member of Ethereum and founder of IOHK, which develops blockchain solutions that includes

Direct Primary Care is the Future of Health

Decent’s health plan puts DPC at the center. Here’s why. Imagine the perfect doctor’s visit. You schedule a convenient same-day appointment. You arrive at the clinic, skip the waiting room and the clipboard, and walk right

Why Micro-Influencers and Blockchain Projects Belong Together

Influencer Marketing is one of NinjaPromo’s most favorite directions to take during advertising campaigns. It allows for a wide variety of tools and ways of reaching the audiences in the most unexpected manner. Last time

Rebalancing vs. HODL?—?Which Strategy Drives Higher Crypto Portfolio Returns?

Portfolio rebalancing is a strategy that has been used by investors for decades. Many are adopting this approach when looking after their crypto portfolio’s. This article provides a comparison of how rebalancing performs when compared