RetroPie: A Raspberry Pi Gaming Machine

RetroPie: A Raspberry Pi Gaming Machine

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In this video, NetworkChuck, alongside new talent Alex, guides viewers through the process of installing RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi. They explain how this compact device can emulate games from nearly every retro console, featuring modern additions like achievements, save states, and online multiplayer. Alex demonstrates the setup step-by-step, from preparing the microSD card to configuring controllers and personalizing game libraries. The video also highlights advanced features such as cheats and retro achievements, culminating in a demonstration of online play between two Raspberry Pi devices, showcasing the impressive capabilities of RetroPie.


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0:00 – Introduction to RetroPie
1:10 – What do you need?
2:05 – Imaging Your Raspberry Pi with RetroPie (Pi 4)
3:43 – Imaging Your Raspberry Pi with Raspberry Pi OS (Pi 5)
5:59 – First Boot and Controller Setup
7:48 – Configuring Raspberry Pi Settings in RetroPie
10:16 – Adding ROMs (Games)
11:49 – Sponsor: Dashlane
13:39 – Personalize your RetroPie
15:23 – Using Hotkeys
16:36 – RetroArch Main Menu
17:29 – Cheats
19:29 – RetroAchievements
22:16 – Netplay (Online Multiplayer)

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