Howto Install Gnome Shell with YUM on Fedora 12 Linux


What is Gnome Shell?

GNOME Shell is the defining technology of the GNOME 3 desktop user experience.

It provides following core interface functions:

  • Launching applications
  • Opening files
  • Switching between open windows
  • Adding and deleting workspaces
  • Moving windows between workspaces
  • Dynamic system-related information display (including transient notifications)
  • Providing a flat list of user-account related actions
  • Logging out or switching the session, and stopping or restarting the machine

GNOME Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics hardware and introduces innovative user interface concepts to provide a delightful and easy to use experience. For window management and compositing, the Gnome Shell use a Metacity branch called Mutter, which adds Clutter-based compositing to Metacity.

Install Gnome Shell on Fedora 12 Linux

Change to root User

su -
## OR ##
sudo -i

Install gnome-shell and mutter packages with following command:

yum install gnome-shell ...
============================================================================================================ Package Arch Version Repository Size
Installing: gnome-shell i686 2.28.0-3.fc12 fedora 301 k
Installing for dependencies: gjs i686 0.4-1.fc12 fedora 126 k mutter i686 2.28.0-2.fc12 fedora 1.2 M Transaction Summary
Install 3 Package(s)
Upgrade 0 Package(s)

Start Gnome Shell

gnome-shell --replace