This course will give you an introduction to machine learning concepts and neural network implementation using Python and TensorFlow. Kylie Ying explains basic concepts, such as classification, regression, training/validation/test datasets, loss functions, neural networks, and model training. She then demonstrates how to implement a feedforward neural network to predict whether someone has diabetes, as well as two different neural net architectures to classify wine reviews.

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This course was made possible by a grant from Google’s TensorFlow team.

?? Resources ??
? Datasets:
? Feedforward NN colab notebook:
? Wine review colab notebook:

?? Course Contents ??
?? (0:00:00) Introduction
?? (0:00:34) Colab intro (importing wine dataset)
?? (0:07:48) What is machine learning?
?? (0:14:00) Features (inputs)
?? (0:20:22) Outputs (predictions)
?? (0:25:05) Anatomy of a dataset
?? (0:30:22) Assessing performance
?? (0:35:01) Neural nets
?? (0:48:50) Tensorflow
?? (0:50:45) Colab (feedforward network using diabetes dataset)
?? (1:21:15) Recurrent neural networks
?? (1:26:20) Colab (text classification networks using wine dataset)

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