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March 3rd 2022

The Italian-based IP services provider, Sparkle has recently deployed Juniper Network’s 400G solutions. These new solutions will meet increasing bandwidth demands reliably and cost-effectively. Additionally, Juniper’s previous experience of the first network solution supports Sparkle’s sustainability goals through power and space savings in its Points-Of-Presence (POPs).

Sparkle is a top global IP player along with its global Tier-1 IP Transit backbone ‘Seabone’, which focuses on providing high-speed Internet connectivity to ISPs and content providers worldwide.

Sparkle provides fibre connectivity services that are delivered over an advanced proprietary network of over 6000,000KM fibre that includes major regional systems in Europe, the Mediterranean, and America, including ownership of major international submarine cables.

Sparkly is continuing its innovations in today’s cloud era, Juniper Networks’ 400G solution will help Sparkle to fulfil its mission to provide ‘bandwidth hungry’ clients that required customized solutions, that aims to deliver a great end-user experience, as well as competitive cost and top performance in the international telecommunications market. A 400G capable network is a key step for Tier-1 providers like Sparkle, who deal with relentless traffic growth.

Enrico Bagnasco, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Sparkle said, “the 400G platform from Juniper is going to be our key tool for the ongoing challenge of constantly growing traffic demands at a very competitive price for premium space and power costs, without compromising on reliability and features. In addition to that, the better economy of scale and denser configuration supports the high standard for eco-sustainable design and energy efficiency for which the company works”.

All About 400G Technology

Juniper has powerful technology that would enable Sparkle to reduce space and power consumption in its core PoPs. 400G connections can be easily managed with fewer overall ports. Juniper’s innovative silicon advancements reduce the watts consumed per gigabit, which allows high-speed data transmission at low power levels.

Sparkle has deployed Juniper’s PTX Series Routers, with high-performance, cloud-optimized platforms that enable a smooth migration to 400G while delivering the bandwidth, flexibility, and maturity that comes with Juniper’s latest generation silicon.

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