Do you need to speed up your WordPress website? Follow this video to increase website speed, make your site load faster, and increase your PageSpeed Insights and Core Web Vitals scores in 2021.

Recently, I decided to speed up one of my blogs, and I spent two full days figuring out how to do it. I wanted to share it with you guys, so that you can also get faster loading pages on your site, and pass that pesky “Core Web Vitals” requirement 🙂


? Cloudways Hosting, Fastest TTFB, I personally use the Cloudways Vu HF package ad get ~200ms TTFB. Steps to sign up:
— Click this link:
— Sign up for the 3-day FREE TRIAL
— During sign-up, use my coupon code CB20 to get 20% off for 3 months

? HostArmada, cheaper option, still very very fast. I get around 600ms TTFB on HostArmada, only around $3.50 per month.
— Click this link, then use coupon CBSPECIAL75 in the last page of checkout:

? One of the fastest WordPress Themes called Neve. Download here:

? Use ShortPixel to reduce the image sizes and to convert your images to WebP format. Download here:

? Use Flying Scripts to defer the loading of non-critical scripts (like Adsense, Instagram, YouTube video embeds, and more). It’s a free plugin, just install it via WordPress

? Use PerfMatters to fine-tune your website as shown in the video. It’s around $20 for 1 website:

? Use WP Rocket to clean up your CSS & use other optimization options:

In today’s video, I’ve put together a bunch of detailed info that will help you make your WordPress website faster. If you’ve been thinking about speeding up your site, then just follow all the steps in this tutorial.

First, I will show you my results of before and after, and what tools to use to effectively measure your website speed.

Having a fast website is important for Google SEO – Google themselves have said that speed matters. They’ve also set out the standards called “Core Web Vitals” and if you don’t pass Web Vitals, then you may not get the maximum amount of traffic from Google Search.

Next, I will go through 10 different tools which I have personally used to speed up my site. I increase my WordPress website speed from 30-40 to 90-99 (according to Google PageSpeed Insights).

One of the most important things that will help you make WordPress faster is a good hosting company. I have personally switched to Cloudways, because they provide you with a dedicated hosting account for a very low price (I am paying just over $10 a month). Cloudways have one of the lowest TTFB scores (time to first byte) and it’s critical for a fast website.

If you’re on a budget, then you can use HostArmada. It’s a standard shared hosting company, but their TTFB score is also pretty good – around 600ms – which is quite decent for a shared host.

The next most important component that will help you speed up your WordPress website is a light-weight WordPress theme. I personally started using Neve. Neve was actually built to achieve a near-perfect PageSpeed score. So I highly recommend it.

Next, I go through various optimization tools that will help you fine-tune your website even futher: delay JavaScript execution of non-critical code such as Google Adsense, etc.

Also, I’ve provided links to the tools that will help you reduce the load on your WordPress server by turning off all the “bloat” that 99% bloggers never use – such as XML-RPC functionality etc. All this stuff slows down your website, and you never use it, so it’s best to just turn it off.

I hope you enjoy the video!



00:00 Intro
00:51 Before & After Comparison
01:39 Tools to Measure Website Speed
03:24 #1: Get Fast Hosting
11:30 #2: Use a Fast WordPress Theme
13:22 #3: Optimize Images
16:11 #4: Delay Non-Critical Scripts
20:25 #5: Use Caching on Your Site
22:01 #6: Remove Unnecessary Javascript and CSS
26:40 #7: Disable Unnecessary “Bloat”
27:34 #8: Lazy Load Videos and iFrames
28:33 #9: Optimize Font Loading
29:10 #10: Clean Up CSS