How to Clear History, Cookies and Cache on Brave Computer?

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If you have been browsing the internet for a while, then you must be familiar with the terms, browsing history, and cookies. They seem like harmless terms, right? They make the user’s life easier and help with running the browser smoothly. But, there’s a catch! Cookies and cache speed things up for web browsers enabling them to load frequently visited pages, but they can also be a potential threat. Similarly, browser history is also harmful in more ways than one. Importantly, a person’s browser history includes, not just sites they have accessed, but also the things they have downloaded. Because of the potential threats, it is prudent to clear your browser history, cookies, and cache regularly. Clearing your browsing data assists in stopping websites from monitoring you and watching your activities around the internet. Websites track you to learn your preferences and target certain ads to you based on those preferences. You can clear browsing data on the Brave browser, including browsing history, cookies, cached images, files, etc. [related]Related: How to Configure Privacy Settings on Brave browser?[/related] Cached data helps websites load faster, and cookies store details like login information, so they are pretty useful. But clearing your browser cache is a good practice since it keeps you from utilizing old information and forms. It safeguards your private information and helps with the overall functioning of the browser. Generally, erasing browser data, often including cache data, cookies, and more, aids in the resolution of various issues with web pages.

Clear Brave Browsing History

The web browser has a record of all the sites that we visit and are stored in the browser history section. It helps in revisiting the site in the future; however, the Brave Browser also allows clearing the browsing history for the selected time period. Here are the steps to clear the browsing history from Brave computer:

  1. Launch the Brave browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu for the list.
  3. Hover on the More tools and select the Clear browsing data sub-menu. Clear browsing data under More Tools option in Brave browserIt will open the Clear browsing data pop-up window screen.
  4. Enable the checkbox for History and select the Time Range from the drop-down.
  5. Hit on the [cmdbtn]Clear Data[/cmdbtn] command button.

The browsing history data will be deleted instantly for the selected time range.

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

The browser cookies and cache are the encrypted information within the browser. The cookies help in retaining the login whereas the cache helps in speed loading the site. The Brave browser has options to clear the cookies and cache from the browser storage. Here are the steps to clear Brave browser cookies and cache data:

  1. Launch the Brave browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu options, and select the Settings menu. Brave browser Settings menu optionThe Settings window will open in the Brave Browser.
  3. Switch to the Privacy and Security tab, and click on the Clear browsing data tab. Brave Browser Privacy and Security with Clear browser data tabIt will open the Clear browsing data pop-up window screen.
  4. Enable the checkbox for Browser Cookies and Cache, and select the Time Range from the drop-down. Clear Browsing Data for Last One Hour in Brave Computer
  5. Hit on the [cmdbtn]Clear Data[/cmdbtn] command button.

The brave Browser cookies and cache will be deleted for the selected time range.

Reset Brave Browser

Web browsers often keep a record of the websites that we visit as well as the corresponding data into the browser storage. At a times, the browsing data might get corrupted, which has to be dumped out, and thankfully the brave browser offers the option to completely clear the data and make a browser reset Here are the steps to data reset the Brave browser:

  1. Launch Brave browser on the computer.
  2. Press the [btn]Ctrl[/btn]/[btn]Cmd[/btn] + [btn]Shift[/btn] + [btn]Delete[/btn] keys simultaneously. It will launch the Clear browsing data window.
  3. Switch to the Advanced tab and select the checkboxes against all options. You can skip the passwords and form logins if not required.
  4. Select the date range to All Time from the drop-down. Clear browsing data Advanced tab on Brave browser
  5. Hit on the [cmdbtn]Clear data[/cmdbtn] command button.

The complete Brave browser data will be deleted, and you will have a fresh interface without any problems. [note]Note: Resetting the web browser will delete entire data, including the saved bookmarks, passwords, etc.; please use this option carefully.[/note]

Bottom Line: Delete Brave Browsing Data

Brave browser is a reasonably safe browser. It provides many refined features such as protection against malware, phishing attacks, ad blockers, etc. However, to be on the safer side, it is better to clear your browsing data. Deleting the browser data is such a simple step, and it does not take hours of your time. The Brave browser also offers an option to clear the data upon browser exit. You need to configure the On exit tab within the Clear browsing data window. Clear browsing data on Exit in Brave browser settings The post covers all important elements related to clearing the browsing data on the Brave browser. You can delete browsing data by accessing the browser settings and even through a keyboard shortcut. [related]Related: How to Switch to Private and Open New Tabs on Brave Browser?[/related] I hope we persuaded you to clear your browsing data if you don’t follow that steps. Start clearing your browsing data from now on, and you will be safer from potential threats to the internet.