How To Add Social Icons To Your WordPress Navigation Menu


WordPress Plugin - Menu Social Icons

I’m loving this new plugin I recently discovered called Menu Social Icons. In a simple and elegant fashion it allows you to easily add icons to the major social networks directly into your WordPress menus. There has always been a multitude of plugins to let you add social icons to your widget areas, but sometimes there’s just not a widget area where you need one to be. So now you have the option of adding icons wherever you have a WordPress navigation menu.

Once you install the plugin, simply navigate to your Menus screen and look in the Links section. There you will see all the icons to choose from and you can select and add to the menu.

Menu Social Icons Plugin - Menus Screen

The plugin utilizes icons from Font Awesome, which means the icons are actually a font, not an image. This means they will automatically inherit the same styling  (font color, rollover effect etc) as your site’s navigation, as provided by your theme.  If you happen to know any CSS you can manipulate the size and color of the icons at will – much easier than with an image. The following two screenshots demonstrates how the icons look in two different themes and how they seamlessly integrate into the site, right out of the box.

menu social icons example 2



The plugin is really easy to use for the layperson but has some extra goodies for developers such as functions to use alternate icon styles, adding additional social networks, changing the HTML output etc.