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Global Internet Access Is Even Worse Than Dire Reports Suggest

Getting the rest of the world online turns out to be harder than the UN anticipated, despite advances like mobile internet. Blame the patriarchy.

Interview with The Youngest Kaggle Grandmaster: Mikel Bober-Irizar (anokas)

Sanyam Bhutani: Hi Mikel! Thank you so much for doing this interview.Congratulations on becoming the Youngest Grandmaster recently! Mikel Bober-Irizar: Thank you! I’m honored to be interviewed here 🙂 Sanyam Bhutani: How does it feel to

Tim Cook wants Bloomberg to retract its spy chip story – CNET

Bloomberg had reported that China infiltrated hardware of Apple, Amazon and others in a mass surveillance campaign. Apple and Amazon have denied the report.

Competing Against The Giants As An Alternative

Why should I use your product? I’m a web app developer and I love doing what I do. I code in a language that seems highly frowned upon, yet is one of the most powerful and

An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption

Three recent books challenge the tech industry’s myths of self-reliance and prescience.

George Lucas and Jon Favreau get together in … a cantina? – CNET

The Star Wars creator apparently paid a visit to the set of The Mandalorian.

Let’s Talk About Dress Codes and Clothes

Of course, “dress codes” have always been evolving. And here, I am not referring to the many changes in fashion that I have seen over my lifetime. Recall the rapid decline in popularity of flared

Native or Hybrid??—?Let’s cook biriyani.

Biriyani for most Indian’s is like pizza for most of the western people. Once they start craving for it, they will only want more. If we can imagine the same urge in creating the right

Top 10 Video on Demand Solutions to Look Out in 2019

Video streaming solutions that deliver the best when it comes to building video platforms. Everyone’s vision at present is to be relatable and quirky. Video streaming has paved the way for these flamboyant creators, a

iPhone XS specs vs. XS Max, XR, X: What’s new and different – CNET

See how Apple’s new 2018 iPhones compare spec-by-spec with last year’s iPhone X.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Paul Allen’s Second Act

The Microsoft cofounder never replicated his early success in business, but carved a path in research and philanthropy.

Create Gym management in Laravel 5.7 part 0 :: Install Laravel on AWS cloud9

AWS Cloud9 provides cloud-based Ubuntu environment. It features a browser-based editor, that supports many syntaxes highlighting and word completion, a GUI-based GDB debugging, full control over a cloud-based Ubuntu environment, and many more features including

Inside Facebook’s Stormy Debate Over ‘Political Diversity’

Former Facebook engineer Brian Amerige accused the company of a “political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views,” but he says Republicans have received his message all wrong.

QuickStart an API-powered Static Website

Cosmic JS is a decoupled, or headless, content management system that empowers teams to build apps faster, together. Cosmic JS provides a suite of APIs to help you build your project and manage content, regardless

There are 10 Marvel movies coming in the next 4 years – CNET

And Marvel may have just bumped Guardians of the Galaxy from the schedule.

Google Wants China. Will Chinese Users Want Google?

If it wins government approval to offer its search engine in China, Google won’t have some typical assets, like rich user data and integration with its browser.

CCNA or CCNP?—?Which is the Right Choice?

Cisco Systems, Inc. offers world-class networking and communications products and services. The most popular products include the routing and switching products which help in directing data, voice and video traffic across networks around the world.

4 Ways to Disable Root Account in Linux

The root account is the ultimate account on a Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. This account has access to all commands and files on a system with full read, write and execute permissions....

How crypto market making protects multi-million dollar token market cap values

Target Audience The primary audience for this paper is executives who run a blockchain/crypto company and who are planning to run an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a Securitized Token Offering (STO) or who have already

Boston Dynamics dog-bot dancing to SexyBack will rattle your soul – CNET

The SpotMini robot dog twerking to Justin Timberlake is way weirder than it dancing to Bruno Mars.