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Facebook Can Ban Whomever It Wants. Just Ask Trump’s Lawyers

The President says social media bans violate Americans’ rights to free speech. In court, his own lawyers have argued the opposite.

How to Install PostgreSQL with PhpPgAdmin on OpenSUSE

PostgreSQL (commonly known as Postgres) is a powerful, free and open source, fully-featured, highly extensible and cross-platform object-relational database system, built for reliability, feature robustness, and high performance. PostgreSQL runs on all major operating...

How to Install and Use Tor Network in Your Web Browser

Privacy Online is becoming a big deal and concerned Internet users are continuously looking for effective methods or tools for surfing the web anonymously for one reason or the other. By surfing anonymously, no...

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Might Work Like Loyalty Points

A report says Facebook is seeking investors for its planned cryptocurrency, and merchants who might accept the virtual coin.

The Comedian Is in the Machine. AI Is Now Learning Puns

Researchers are using artificial intelligence techniques to create puns. Today’s aren’t so funny, but tomorrow’s might be better.


Restrict Content Pro Review + Ultimate Guide: Is It Good Value (2019)


Restrict Content Pro1

Restrict Content Pro, also known as RCP, is a WordPress plugin that enables anyone to create a fully functional membership website. It essentially works as a paywall but is capable of so much more. You can keep things simple with the basic configuration for a membership site or stretch its full capability with developer features and pro-level addons.

Available as both a free and premium WordPress plugin, Restrict Content Pro can make any site look like a professional publisher complete with membership tiers, controlled access to content and everything a website owner or developer needs to build a content-driven membership site.

It includes API integration for payment, different membership tiers, a simple management dashboard, content timeouts and a whole lot more. Most of the basic features come as part of the package while more advanced tools are premium additions.

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Memberpress Review + Ultimate Guide To Creating A Membership Site With WordPress (2019)

memberpress intro

Starting and managing a membership website is no easy task. Given that such a site could be the lifeline of your business, organization, or communuity you need to make sure you get this right, otherwise, you could lose all of the recurring revenue associated with clubs and similar membership-based organizations. But with WordPress and Memberpress helping you simplify the entire process, it’s much easier to get it right.

In this article, we are going to take a look at Memberpress, a premium plugin with annual pricing that starts at $129 and comes with constant updates and support along with possible new features as long as the license is active. It has tons of features and options that simplify building and managing a membership website.

We’re going to see what it can do and we’re also going to walk through its options to see how we can utilize them to build a membership website.

Let’s get started!

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Platforms Want Centralized Censorship. That Should Scare You

Opinion: Controlling the spread of insidious content online is extremely difficult—but combining efforts across platforms raise serious threats to free expression.

Want a Tech Job? Silicon Valley Is Still Your Best Bet

A study finds that tech job listings are growing faster in established hubs, like Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Austin, than elsewhere, even as competition increases.

This Startup Could Sell You Crypto Tokens—With SEC Backing

Blockstack is proposing an unprecedented initial coin offering under an SEC rule that would allow it to sell shares to small investors.

3 Ways to Install Atom Text Editor in openSUSE

Atom is a free, open-source, hackable, easy to customize and cross-platform text editor, that works on Linux, OS X, and Windows. It is a desktop application built with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js integration...

In the 2020 Race, What Is the Value of Social Media Stardom?

Candidates like Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang are big on Twitter, but they still trail other Democrats when it comes to cash.

How to Delete all Text in a File Using Vi/Vim Editor

Vim is a great tool for editing text or configuration files in Linux. One of the lesser-known Vim tricks is clearing or deleting all text or lines in a file. Although, this is not a

Apple and Qualcomm End Their Legal Beef and Drop Lawsuits

The convoluted legal battle between Apple and chipmaker Qualcomm may be coming to an end. The companies said Tuesday that they’re dismissing all litigation against each other. Apple will pay Qualcomm an undisclosed sum as

How to Find openSUSE Linux Version

In this article, we will explain how to find out which version of openSUSE Linux distribution installed and running on a computer. The /etc/os-release and /usr/lib/os-release files include all openSUSE version information and you...

TED 2019: I Promise Not to Roll My Eyes at Your TED Talk

Rolling your eyes is not allowed at TED. There’s no rule in the conduct policy (I assume, I haven’t actually checked); it’s just one of those powerful unspoken maxims that goes ignored at your peril.

How to Compare Local and Remote Files in Linux

In this article, we will show how to compare or find the difference between local and remote files in Linux. In a recent post, we reviewed 9 best file comparison and difference (Diff) tools for

Trump Vows Speedy Path to 5G, but Offers Few New Ideas

President Trump Friday confidently declared that the US will lead the world in deploying the next generation of wireless services known as 5G. “The race to 5G is a race that the United States must

HTTP Prompt – An Interactive Command Line HTTP Client

HTTP Prompt (or HTTP-prompt) is an interactive command-line HTTP client built on HTTPie and prompt_toolkit, featuring autocomplete and syntax highlighting. It also supports auto cookies, OpenAPI/Swagger integration as well as Unix-like pipelines and output redirection.

Amazon Employees Try a New Form of Activism, as Shareholders

Amazon employees are using their company-issued stock to pressure top executives into reducing contributions to climate change, in what may be an unprecedented effort to expand tech-worker unease into a new front of shareholder activism.