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Best iPhone XR cases – CNET

Need some protection for your new iPhone XR? Here’s a bunch of top cases to check out, all of them compatible with wireless charging.

Cryptocurrency Viability Analysis 2018 Q4

Cryptocurrencies are the future and Blockchain is here to stay! Disclaimer: Data sourced from InWara. This is not financial advice. Cryptocurrency market continues to plunge with major currencies losing over 40% market cap in just a

AI Has Started Cleaning Up Facebook, but Can It Finish?

Artificial intelligence has proved effective at keeping nudity and pornography off of Facebook. But recognizing hate speech and bullying is a much tougher task.

Fresh Prince star suing Fortnite developer for allegedly using ‘Carlton Dance’ – CNET

The actor wants financial compensation and for the company to stop using the dance, according to the complaint.

Can Facebook Ads Tell Us Which Asian Country Is Most Crypto-Crazy?

As a marketer in the crypto/blockchain space, I’m fascinated by how similar and yet different crypto marketing and “traditional” digital marketing are. I’ve been particularly interested in the reaction in Asia to the crypto craze,

Here’s How Much Money You Can Make by Selling Your Own Data

How I became my own data broker—and sold my digital soul in the process.

How To Install OpenLDAP Server for Centralized Authentication

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP in short) is an industry standard, lightweight, widely used set of protocols for accessing directory services. A directory service is a shared information infrastructure for accessing, managing, organizing, and...

The 56 best Android games of 2018 – CNET

These are unequivocally the best Android games on the planet.

Have the Bitcoin prices bottomed out or are we going to see new lows before the end of this bear…

This analysis was done on behalf of PrimeXBT which offers up to 100x leverage trading on BTC/USD and 5 other popular crypto pairs so if you are looking to catch the bottom and leverage up

Our Digital Future is Not Just Hype … “Digitize” or Get Left Behind!

I had some interesting discussions with policymakers and academics last week. My events focused on the “digitization of organizations” and “financial technology.” As always, there was a lot of interest in the new world. Everybody

Echo Wall Clock now available on Amazon, brings visual cues to Alexa timers – CNET

For when you want that groovy countdown effect.

4 Benefits of Customer Segmentation for Higher Profitability

Research conducted by Econsultancy in association with IBM Watson Marketing surveyed over 1,000 professionals in marketing, ecommerce, and digital. They found that customer segmentation was the topmost priority among these professionals. 72% of them said

A PR Checklist For ICOs In 2019

At the end of 2017, many people saw ICOs and the crypto world in general as a potential gold rush. Some people made out well, while many people weren’t as lucky. To put things in

Amazon Came to the Bargaining Table—But Workers Want More

For more than 20 years, Amazon has successfully quashed efforts to unionize its American workers, but a new wave of labor organizing is under way.

Forget pot, Elon Musk is now raving about ramen – CNET

Does the Tesla and SpaceX billionaire have the munchies?

DevOps101?—?First Steps on Terraform: Terraform + OpenStack + Ansible

In DevOps101?—?Infrastructure as Code With Vagrant (LAMP Stack), I’ve introduced the Agile DevOps movement. It aims to automate work and allow you to launch faster. If you are planning to start a business or side-project,

A Year Without Net Neutrality: No Big Changes (Yet)

Internet providers have refrained from blocking content or creating “fast lanes” while battles continue in the courts and among lawmakers.

How to Install and Configure Basic OpnSense Firewall

In a prior article, a firewall solution known as PfSense was discussed. In early 2015 a decision was made to fork PfSense and a new firewall solution called OpnSense was released. OpnSense started it’s...

YouTube Rewind 2018 is officially worse than the worst of Justin Bieber – CNET

At 10 million dislikes, YouTube’s latest yearly recap video is the most disliked clip on YouTube ever.

Django ORM Relationships Cheat Sheet

Polymorphic Many to Many Relationship With package?—?django-polymorphic. Demo details: In this demo we have 3 models (Valet, Owner and Car), and 4 tables (valets, owners, cars and drivers). Business Rules: The Valet (driver) can drive