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Known Integration Issues inside of 11.25

As most of you probably know, we released 11.25 to our RELEASE branch this week.  This is a major change to cPanel/WHM which presents some issues with integration.  I have been trying to track as

How to trace the cPanel API

At this point, cPanel’s APIs are not 100% documented.  We are working on it and hope to have complete API docs up in a few months.  I’ve written a CustomEventHandler that will print every API call

Troubleshooting the XML-API

We have had a flurry of integration tickets over the past week, which is awesome to see.  Most of these tickets have come down to a couple of basic problems.  The first of which is

Spotlight On: The cPanel Interface – Icons, Groups and Variables

This past week we have been working on documenting how to add icons and groups to cPanel without using our plugin generator.  Writing DynamicUI files is a direct and flexible approach to adding custom groups,

XML API PHP class version 1.0

Some of the reasons why there hasn’t been many updates lately include our cPanel conference, the cPanel/WHM 11.25.0 release, and the release of the XML-API PHP class 1.0.  If you are not familiar with the

Spotlight On: WHM Plugins & cPanel PHP

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been working on overhauling our development documentation pretty heavily.  We have a ton of great ways to integrate with cPanel but until recently, no information on how to use them. 

Creating cPanel CGI Scripts

One of the most flexible ways of working within cPanel is by creating CGI applications.  Of course, this isn’t the most efficient method, however sometimes efficiency isn’t your best bet when you’re in a rush. 

WHM Plugins

We really have no information available on how to write WHM Plugins.  I have had 3 people ask me in the past 48 hours on how to write them, so I thought I might want

API basics and how to call API1 functions

I have been noticing several people challenged with calling cPanel functions via our various ways of hooking into our APIs. Unfortunately, this isn’t as cut and dry as just calling a function within a programming

Using WHM remote authentication

One thing that I have noticed while working with other people developing software that interacts with WHM’s XML API is that they always use basic HTTP authentication. It is okay to use basic authentication, but

Writing an FTP password trap in Perl

Password traps are probably the type of plugin that generates the most support requests at the moment. When creating a password trap, it is important that you use a Function Hook rather than a Custom

Writing a Multi-Server Load Average Monitoring Script in Under 10 Lines of PHP

Mostly the XML API is used for account management; however, there are other features in it that simplify system administration. The most obvious of these functions is the loadavg call. Last year, I wrote a

cPanel 11.25 changes that will affect integrated software

Inside of cPanel 11.25, there are numerous new security features being implemented. These changes can break both cPanel plugins and remote management applications (like billing systems) that integrate with cPanel. Luckily, the changes are all


Linux server tip: force reboot/shutdown

Forcing reboot A Linux Server is not Windows XP and if reboot fail you usually still connect by SSH and do something. This commands will show you how to remotely hard reboot machine. Hard reboot


How can I repair corrupt MySQL tables?

How can I repair corrupt MySQL tables? Every so often, MySQL tables have a way of corrupting themselves. MySQL offers a quick and painless method of repairing those tables.


How to mount and unmount a drive in linux

How To Mount A Drive In Linux This simple step by step guide will show you how to mount a new hard drive or partitions onto your Linux server


Linux sub directory size info

Need to know the exact size of your subdirectories in Linux? Just go to the directory , like cd / and try this du -cksh *  


Easyapache failing on CentOS server

Had an issue with one on our CentOS cPanel servers running 64 bit and cPanels easyapache upgrade. The folks at cPanel helped out with their usual professional response


How to find MAC address in CentOS

Open SSH and type the following and press Enter: /sbin/ifconfig | grep -i hwaddr The sequence of hexadecimal digits that appears to the right of eth0 HWAddr (e.g. 08:00:27:ED:DA:8b) is your network card’s MAC Address


cPanel – Manually back up and transfer an account via SSH

Sometime accounts are to big to transfer via the WHM transfer feature. Below you can find some steps to do so manually Log into your server and create a cPanel backup for the account /scripts/pkgacct