COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of human life, from a simple handshake to grocery shopping. It would be an understatement to say the pre-2020 years seem like a blissful dream which has now faded away in the rearview mirror. From a recruitment and onboarding viewpoint, our pre-COVID lists of tasks and processes were torn up and replaced with virtually everything virtual!


Back in the good old days (aka before 2020) we were able to meet with potential employees in person. Since the pandemic began however, we have had to conduct virtual job fairs, virtual interviews, and make virtual offers. The in-person interviews allowing us to get a feel for the applicant and the applicant a feel for our company and culture are long gone and replaced with ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!


Back in the good old days (aka before 2020) when starting a new job, you would plan your outfit, shower, prep and use your commute time to think of everything you wanted to know about the new company and new role and spend day 1 meeting with HR, IT, your manager and your team. Usually, a lunch might even be thrown in. Here’s day 1 of a new job during the pandemic: possibly no hair or make-up, no commute time to plan the day, no meeting with HR or your manager to show you the emergency exits and bathrooms, no getting to meet the team in-person, no lunch with anyone, no pictures of co-workers’ families, and no one from IT to help get everything set up. It is just ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!

Remote working

Back in the good old days (aka before 2020) working at any of StackPath’s global offices involved swiping your employee badge at every door (because we are Fort Knox lite), gathering at the water cooler to discuss the latest edge technology news or the weekend football games (go marble Olympics!) or physically collaborating with teammates on projects. Gone are the water cooler gatherings or the gazillion free snack options and our infinitely famous company fridge (stacked with your caffeinated beverage of choice). Gone are the physical collaborations filled with nuance, tone, and the passionate sharing of ideas. It has been replaced with, you guessed it, ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!


We are still recruiting now more than ever which is a good thing – especially given the crazy times we are experiencing. Please check out our careers page for more information on job openings. I’d love to meet with you (virtually, of course). I’m hoping that there is an end in sight, and we soon get back to the good old days, but for now we continue to wear our masks, wash our hands, socially distance and ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!

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