Setup your own free tier web server using Google Clouds ‘Always Free’ tier resources. It’s pretty quick to build a small and simple webserver to run things like WordPress using

The free tier documentation we referenced is here:

Anything listed as ‘free tier’ does not get billed, even when your 90 day trial is over, so our vCPU, memory, drive and 1GB network traffic is free forever.

If you’re interested in setting up a mailbox on here, you can follow the steps in our previous HestiaCP video here:
For your SMTP service, my preferred free option is SendinBlue:

Another nice free option is using x10hosting, which we setup here:

For those of you wanting to combine this method with Cloudflare, check our tutorial here for some more tips:

0:00 Introduction
1:10 Google Cloud Server Setup
6:26 DNS Setup
7:54 Install Control Panel
13:12 Setup Webserver
16:51 Other Tips
17:46 Performance Testing & Conclusions

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