You’ll learn to set up WordPress on a free VPS. The Oracle ‘Always Free’ tier has a couple good CPU options, either an AMD EPYC 2Ghz, or the Ampre ARM OCPU, where upto 24GB ram and 6 OCPU are possible when available!

You can get a free acount here:

Vultr: If you’d like a much easier setup process, with a more powerful VPS I’d recommend checking out Vultr – you can get a 30 day credit here: ($100 credit for 30 days)

Script to run during the install is here (scroll down on the blog):

Vultr Setup – With OpenLiteSpeed and CyberPanel

The setup process is similar to the Cyberpanel tutorial we did previously:

Recommend watching that one too, as we cover some more detail on Cyberpanel cloud connection.

For more WordPress tips and tutorials check out our blog:

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