Events Manager Review
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What is the best free WordPress events calendar plugin? (2020)

This is a very full featured plugin, aimed more at developers. The things we liked were:

-Google maps integration
-Works with a multi-site WordPress install
-Multiple types of tickets
-Creating multi locations and venues
It’s also worth noting that the free version gives you front end submissions. This would make it a nice choice if you’re starting out in event management and need to keep costs down.

As for display options, it was a little weaker than the other options we tried. However, the plugin’s design to meshes well with other WordPress plugins. So, it would be possible to add things like grids, feature events and carousels this way.

In our tests, we were able to get some basic event listing and calendar views set up in a short time. However, these views could certainly use custom CSS to make them look better.

Conclusion: Events Manager
The sheer power and features of this plugin is impressive. It would really best suit a pro event management page.

The weight of option maybe excessive for many users. Are you are a smaller operation, like an individual company hosting occasional events? or a venue or artist just hoping to display your own events? There are certainly other options that will need less work on your part.