Episode 17: The Benefits and Challenges of Remote Work

The Kadence team is entirely remote and works from home, the beach, coffee shops and various locations around the world. Remote work is a big part of freelancing, agency work, and many in the WordPress community have found ways to do remote work right. Ben, Hannah, and Kathy talk about their own unique remote work styles and what works for them, and how our remote work philosophy has actually helped create a unique community helping WordPress users create more effective sites. In this episode, we left in some of our “bloopers” as they were perfect illustrations of some of remote works challenges, and benefits. We hope this episode makes you laugh as much as it made us laugh. Timestamps & Links
0:00 Intro
1:24 Crazy places we’ve worked
4:31 Challenges and benefits of isolation
6:12 The challenges of being “always on”
9:14 The puppy is no longer asleep (blooper left in for comedy’s sake)
10:51 Workflow challenges
12:16 Moving locations to keep things interesting
13:18 Frozen video (blooper 2)
14:00 Frozen video segue into meditation and breathing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tybOi4hjZFQ
15:30 Remote work helps work fit around our lives instead of lives around work
16:26 Setting work-life boundaries
18:10 Managing people in a remote work setting (Nathan Barry Twitter thread)

22:18 The unique blending of remote work and community at Kadence
23:36 What’s happening with Kadence Blocks upcoming release
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