DigitalOcean provides free access to Plesk – this provides an awesome easy way to run your WordPress sites from your own low cost VPS. The other great alternative is Vultr using their high frequency option which will give you a bit of extra performance.

You can test this for yourself here with a free trial:
DigitalOcean free trial: ??
Vultr free trial: ?? (my favourite) You’ll automatically get a $100 Vultr credit to use for your first 30 days during the signup process, no code needed.

Vultr Setup Tutorial is here ??
We used free Cloudflare SSL & DNS on this method.

Guide on migrating your existing site to Plesk:

Even easier still is Cloudways, albeit a little more expensive, but your server is fully managed and secured by Cloudways. Check the tutorial here:

Cloudways is also recommended for those of you who are new to managing their own server. However, take advantage of the other free trials too, you will learn a lot and build some great experience.

Guides for changing your DNS (depending on where you bought your domain – we used Godaddy in the video for example)

SSH Key Guide – There are several ways to use SSH if you prefer (rather than a root password).
I used the ‘Generate a Key Pair with PuTTY’ for windows under part 3 here:

Email Tutorials:
Zoho Mail Box:
Gmail Custom Domain Email:
SMTP for WordPress Notifications:

While Plesk can run as an email server, it isn’t recommended to combine email with a web server, especially on these small $5-6 instances. There are better, free options available above & these won’t slow down your website!

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