DevOps: Get up to speed with these handy guides

In 2018, the Open Source DevOps team helped produce two amazing guides to help advance our DevOps practices.

The Ultimate DevOps Hiring Guide

In April, we released The Ultimate DevOps Hiring Guide. It’s a wonderful collection of advice, tactics, and information about the state of DevOps hiring for both job seekers and hiring managers. It starts by discussing the importance of culture for your organization and how it impacts your ability, or inability, to get the right talent on your team. Then it provides an overview of the DevOps hiring landscape and market trends. The final section offers best practices for prospective employees and hiring managers.

Download The ultimate DevOps hiring guide

The Open Source Guide to DevOps Monitoring Tools

In August, contributor and community moderator Dan Barker put together The Open Source Guide to DevOps Monitoring Tools. The extremely popular, in-depth guide walks you through the variety of open source tools available for everything from monitoring to log aggregation and visualization to distributed tracing.

Download The open source guide to DevOps monitoring tools

New guides on the way in early 2019

More DevOps resources

As we begin the new year, we’ve got two new guides in the works. I’m excited to announce that in early 2019 we plan to have the following guides available for download:

  • Getting Started with DevSecOps: The Open Source Guide to DevOps Security
  • Introduction to Small Scale Scrum

Do you have an idea for a guide? Let us know. We’ve got a great group of experts willing to share their expertise and experience. 

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