Deal: Master Ubuntu Linux with This ‘Go from Beginner to Power User’ Course (90% Off)

Ubuntu Linux is by far the most popular Linux distribution today, there are several reasons for this, however, the high-level of convenience it offers to both experts and beginners makes it a unique distribution to start your Linux journey.

Are you interested in learning Linux from the ground with zero previous knowledge, then the new “Ubuntu Linux: Go from Beginner to Power User” course is here to guide you from a newbie status to a Linux power user. Now available for a limited time at a 90% off on Tecmint Deals.

Learn Ubuntu Linux Course

Learn Ubuntu Linux Course

In the Linux ecosystem, Ubuntu Linux is currently the only distribution that runs on multiple platforms from smartphones, tablets and PCs, designed to help make converged computing a real-life experience. Additionally, Ubuntu Linux also powers mini computers used to build drones, therefore, making it easy for you to branch into the world of robotics.

Through 7 hours of practical and quality content, you’ll learn foundational skills such as installing Linux, opening a terminal window using keyboard short cuts, running simple commands to navigate the files system and list files and so forth.

As you progress, you’ll dive into learning advanced level skills such as how to create system users and groups, manage users, groups and file permissions, install a web server and host websites locally, and deploy a Meteor app plus so much more.

You will also learn how to install Ubuntu in a virtual machine to setup a testing environment for using advanced Linux administration tools and practicing some critical system handling techniques.

Are you ready to start learning Linux? Then the Ubuntu Linux: Go from Beginner to Power User course will guide you from a beginner level to absolute Linux mastery, thereby setting you on a path to a lucrative Linux system administration job.

Grab this amazing offer today for just $18 on Tecmint Deals and let your dreams become a reality.

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