Creating Effective WooCommerce Sites with Kadence Shop Kit

Kadence Founder Ben Ritner gave a preview of Kadence Shop Kit at the recent Page Builder Summit. This presentation was given as a preview of Kadence Shop Kit quite a few weeks prior to launch, but there is a lot of great information in this presentation that can help you think through how to best display your products on a page with customization and Kadence Shop Kit. Grow Your eCommerce Revenue with Shop Kit. With over 15 powerful modules, Kadence Shop Kit 2.0 is the most robust WooCommerce extension available. Kadence Shop Kit 2.0 is available as a part of the Kadence Full Bundle. f you want to get everything you need from Kadence, I highly suggest the Full Bundle. You can get that here. 0:00 Introduction to current WooCommerce product page building capability
1:38 Amazon product pages, what works and what can we learn from it
4:18 Silver Cross innovative ways to change the product page to show features, reviews, and more
5:11 Daily Harvest goes for a minimalist feel
5:52 Ministry of Supply provides clear layouts to give customers all they need to make decisions
7:10 Some sample sites with great layouts we’re going to replicate
9:30 The big takeaways from big brands
10:30 Using Kadence Shop Kit and Kadence Blocks to change your WooCommerce layouts – example with the couch
19:52 Applying a Kadence Shop Kit Template to products
21:11 Kadence Shop Kit Template with Hoodie variations
25:30 The tabs block changed to an accordion
26:07 Variation galleries with the backpack