Wow, this is the BEST free setup we’ve found for Oracle Cloud free tier for running a webserver plus mailbox. Super easy to use, fast, unlimited and everything is done through the web panel.

The advantages that make this my recommended Oracle cloud free tier setup are:
-Runs perfectly on ARM, allowing us to access up to 4 CPU and 24GB ram FREE
-Simple and friendly interface
-Easy app install, 1-click WordPress
-NGINX Caching for fast webserver performance
-No limits on number of domains, websites or mailboxes
-Easy mailbox setup, easy to add SMTP relay to provide improved deliverability
-Default security setup is very solid
-Auto updates by default

This all takes only 3 commands to setup!
You can find the this on the blog here to cut and paste:

The free SMTP relay we use here below (Sendinblue):

Mailjet also works well too as an alternative.

0:00 Intro & Features
2:21 Launch VPS
4:37 Point DNS records
5:58 Connect with SSH using Putty
7:05 Install HestiaCP
8:59 Allow ports through Oracle Cloud
10:02 Login to panel
11:21 Add a website
13:29 Quick install apps, WordPress Example
14:41 Mailbox setup
21:47 Statistics Setup
22:40 Other cool features
25:10 Oracle Free Tier FAQ’s
27:55 Conclusions

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