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All-in-One Event Calendar is a little different to the others. Besides offering a plugin, it also has a full online service that you can manage your events with. While there is a free tier, the focus definitely seems to be on the premium products. Events can be displayed on your site with either the plugin or by embedding code from the dashboard settings.

The WordPress plugin gave us options for a poster-board view, a calendar view and a sidebar widget. None of them were very well styled out of the box though…

Now lets look at the second method. You can create events over on your account, and place some embed code onto your page. This will let you put nicely designed sliders and carousel type views without even using a plugin. The free version does show a little branding – though this wasn’t too obtrusive.

This would also be a decent solution for non WordPress users who don’t want to pay for plugins. If you are using something like Wix or Shopify you’ll know what I mean here. It might even be an option for very small hobbyists or groups who are working with free hosting. It’s common that free hosts won’t give you any back-end access. But, they often will give you the ability to embed some front end code.

The free version didn’t offer us the ability to sell tickets. The ticketing upgrade is $9.99 per month.

However, it was possible to link to external ticketing in the free version. You could just link to an Eventbrite page or set up a WooCommerce product on your WordPress site and link to it. This would enable you to sell your own tickets with in the free version.

We noted that this option doesn’t let you do front end submissions. So, you’d need to upgrade to one of the more premium plans to get this feature. A little disappointing given that some other options gave this away in their free options.

Conclusion: All-in-One Event Calendar (by
All-in-One Event Calendar could really be a nice solution for some people. For example, are you are using one of the cheaper plans and don’t have access to plugins? This could be an easy workaround!