Your Credit Card is Spying on You!

Many of us are finally waking up to how important privacy is, and yet we don’t think twice when we swipe our credit card.

Each time we opt to pay with plastic, our data is shared by our banks, the card network, the store, the point of sale system, the retailer’s bank, our financial apps. And then all those entities share it with thousands more.

In this video we dive into financial privacy, and give you a glimpse of how much information gets shared about you through your financial choices.

We also look at why it’s risky to use traditional financial tools when making donations to causes you care about, and dive into 2 groups that are innovating in the donation world.

00:00 Intro
00:56 6 Businesses That Share Your Data
03:37 China
04:44 Cash
04:53 Masked Credit Cards
05:01 Donation Risks
06:10 Benefits of Permissionless Payment Methods
06:59 Pitfalls of Traditional Fundraising Platforms
07:21 Why Use Crypto to Donate?
08:27 Free2Z
10:38 Flipstarter
13:40 Outro

When it comes to supporting causes that you believe in, crypto can be a powerful tool. It can make your contribution more private, make sure the money actually reaches its destination. and it’s accessible to anyone in the world. The more we dive into this world, the more we fight against financial surveillance.

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