For a presentation I was giving recently, I wanted to find examples of WordPress sites that didn’t look like your typical WordPress sites. I wanted to show the versatility of WordPress, since many people still think it’s just used for blogs and think all WordPress sites look the same.

So here’s a few of my favorite examples of custom WordPress sites that break the mold.

Twisted Sista

A slick showcase of hair products :: Visit Site

WordPress Showcase - Twisted Sista

Moment Church

A beautiful design and unique layout defy all WordPress expectations :: Visit Site

WordPress Showcase - Moment Church


Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine represents some major, worldwide shoe brands such as Cat footwear, Merrell, Harley-Davidson Footwear and more. If WordPress is good enough for these guys…. :: Visit Site
WordPress Showcase - Wolverine Worldwide


Think Space Gallery

A brand new WordPress site for Culver City’s Thinkspace art gallery provides a fitting showcase for great art :: Visit Site
WordPress Showcase - Thinkspace Gallery


Trevor Hoehne

Awesome portfolio site :: Visit Site

WordPress Showcase - Trever Hoehne



WordPress site featuring a BuddyPress communit of over 2700 members. Check out the AWESOME rolloevers on the navigation as a way of presenting a lot of information in an organized way. :: Visit Site
WordPress Showcase - GETideas


The Kitchen Community

Beautiful full screen site featuring sticking photography for a Colorado-based restaurant :: Visit Site

WordPress Showcase - The Kitchen Community

If you have come across any ground-breaking WordPress sites, please leave them in the comments!