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How Can Hierarchical Test Structure Absolutely Make a Mess?

source: pexels Have you ever written your unit tests using a simple xUnit style testing framework? Then you probably know, as tests get more complex, the more boilerplate and duplication they collect, either spread among

Hexagonal Architecture with Kotlin, Ktor and Guice

Module Layout Module diagram auto-generated by IntelliJ Our ports and adapters implementation has four modules: App, Domain, Ports, Adapters. Both ‘Domain’ and ‘Adapters’ depend on ‘Ports’. ‘Domain’ and ‘Adapters’ cannot see each other. ‘App’ can see

Singleton Pattern — But don’t get too comfortable

Singleton pattern is definitely the easiest pattern of all the design patterns but trust me, many of us are doing wrong. So let’s find out more about this pattern. We all know the motivation of using

9 fascinating things I learned while coding up the rules of a board game

Learning #4: Getting statistical significance can be really challenging When you create a program that’s supposed to play a game, the only way to know if it’s any good is to have it play lots