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Ready for cPanel & WHM Version Certification 2018?

cPanel Conference time is closing in steadily, with only 18 days left until the big event. Here on the cPanel University team, we’re continuing our tradition of offering a special certification. This certification is only available to those lucky folks that will be

Training Your Employees in cPanel & WHM: Best Practices

There are multiple factors that contribute to your hosting company’s success. One undeniable factor that separates good hosting providers from great hosting providers is the level of technical support they provide their customers. Providing customers

Check out the cPanel University at #cPConf

Quick note from benny: We’re keeping an eye on the situation as Fort Lauderdale recovers from Hurricane Irma. We’ll continue to communicate when we have information, and will be updating the post that I made

Show Off Your cPanel University Skills

A few weeks ago, we told you about some exciting updates and changes we recently made to cPanel University, and the response from the cPanel community has been nothing short of exciting. As I was

Class is in Session: The New cPanel University

Thousands of corporations and companies, and even more individuals, use the suite of tools loaded inside of cPanel & WHM to power their business and manage their online presence. From mail and spam filtering, to

Global Testing Days are just around the corner

On Thursday, November 5th, cPanel University will be kicking off it’s second ever Global Testing Days. Global Testing Days, or GTD as we like to call it, is a two-day event where anyone who has