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2018 #cPConf Wrap-Up

The end of the cPanel Conference always triggers a mixture of feelings for me. The completion of the project means a lot of pride, and there’s a huge amount of relief, but it’s also bitter-sweet

2018 cPanel Conference is here!

Today is the first day of the 2018 cPanel Conference. We’re in the middle of setting everything up right now, getting ready to open up conference check-in and registration, and anticipating tonight’s networking party at Chapman

How to get the Best Support in 2018

Earlier this year one of our technical analysts, Peter Elsner, wrote a tutorial on how to get the most from cPanel’s technical support. It hits on everything you should provide to our support team, but it is a

Check out Halon, a new sponsor at this year’s cPanel Conference!

This is a guest blog post provided by the Halon Team! Halon is a first-time exhibitor of the annual cPanel Conference.   —————- Are your customers spending time in spam-folders? Try Halon instead Halon is happy

Ready for cPanel & WHM Version Certification 2018?

cPanel Conference time is closing in steadily, with only 18 days left until the big event. Here on the cPanel University team, we’re continuing our tradition of offering a special certification. This certification is only available to those lucky folks that will be

Why use a multi-layered approach to securing web servers (LAB at the cPanel conference)

This is a guest blog post provided by the CloudLinux Team! CloudLinux is an alumni sponsor of the annual cPanel Conference.   —————- We all know that layered security is best practice in server protection. Imunify360,

Are you coming to cPConf 2018?

The Annual cPanel Conference is a staple in the webhosting community. Last year’s conference was such a blast! We met so many new people and got to catch up with all our old friends. The details of

The 2017 #cPConf Escape Room

Hi. I’m Laurence Simon. I’m a writer. I write things. A lot of development teams here at cPanel have been going to escape rooms as team-building exercises. In escape rooms, you get locked in a

The 2017 cPanel Conference is finally here!

Today is the first day of the 2017 cPanel Conference, and I’m filled with excitement. The plans have all been laid for us to have the best conference we’ve ever had. Let’s talk about some

#cPConf Keynote: Transparency Reporting and you

Quick note from benny: We have moved #cPConf 2017 to the Ritz Carlton from the W Fort Lauderdale! If you are attending, please review the post that I made last week about it. Now, I

Check out the cPanel University at #cPConf

Quick note from benny: We’re keeping an eye on the situation as Fort Lauderdale recovers from Hurricane Irma. We’ll continue to communicate when we have information, and will be updating the post that I made

Supercharge Your Plugin at cPanel Conference 2017

Quick note from benny: We’re keeping an eye on the situation as Fort Lauderdale recovers from Hurricane Irma. We’ll continue to communicate when we have information, and will be updating the post that I made

Status of cPanel Conference 2017

This year’s hurricane season has been hugely impactful for us here at cPanel. Our human and non-human families have been touched by the flooding that happened as a result of Hurricane Harvey, and much of the

What the duck? A/B Testing at #cPConf 2017

You know that feeling of relief you get when you finish a big marketing project? You did everything right, the bosses seem satisfied, and you feel like you can kick back and relax. I remember

cPConference 2017; 34 Days and Counting…

As of today we are just 34 short days away from the 2017 cPanel Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You’ve seen the details on the website, and read about the venues on the blog, but if you

Conference Planning and Venue Picking

Hi, I’m Ken. Many of you know me as the man in the green hat. Earlier this year our Marketing Department was pulled away from the conference to work on other things, and I offered

1 Day Left, 5 Reasons to Speak

The cPanel Conference is just 5 short months away, and today is the last day to submit your speaker application. Some of the talks that we’ve already accepted have to do with SystemD, Custom API

A WEIRED Recap: cPanel Conference 2016

Things got WIRED, things got WEIRD, and now another cPanel Conference is in the books! On October 3, cPanel’s developers, marketers, security professionals, and hosting thought leaders flew out to Portland for our signature conference.

Hello From a cPanel Newbie

Hey cPanel Community! I’m Joanna, the newest addition to the cPanel Marketing team. I wanted to introduce myself, say hello, and share a few quick tidbits. A career move can sometimes be a bit overwhelming

My Life as a cPanel Event Planner

Whether it was organizing the Weimer High School Prom or laying out the logistics for an international conference, I’ve spent much of my life developing and creating experiences for others. And while event planning is