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Welcome to the first article in a brand-new series called EOS FOR IDIOTS. The goal of this series is to make EOS really easy to understand. I want to make it possible for literally anyone to

Weird and Non-Trivial Ways of Using Blockchain

Photo by Kaley Dykstra on Unsplash The blockchain has been around for a decade now, and today, few would deny that it’s a groundbreaking invention. When it first emerged, it was the underlying technology that powered

How crypto market making protects multi-million dollar token market cap values

Target Audience The primary audience for this paper is executives who run a blockchain/crypto company and who are planning to run an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a Securitized Token Offering (STO) or who have already

How Expensive is a Bitcoin Dump?

Between 8PM and 9PM Eastern Time on October 10, 2018, the market saw a huge drop in Bitcoin price. On Coinbase, it plummeted from $6,500 to just barely above $6,000. This approximately 7% dip recovered

A Simple Introduction to One-Way Functions

Two-Way Functions Let us assume that we have a function f(x)=y. Whenever we give input as “x”, we get an output “y”. Now let us look at the following table: If we observe the above

54% of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Have Security Holes

Exchange security report by ICORating.com Over the years, digital thieves have stolen millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency from various exchanges. The crypto market attracts a huge number of investors and everyone hopes to get

The concept of Liquidity: Explained by the CEO of a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Source: Hackernoon The single most important feature of any trading exchange is liquidity. Without liquidity, operating a successful exchange becomes unviable. This is particularly true of cryptocurrency exchanges with volatile markets whose traders want to

Top Security Tokens You Should Watch Out For In 2018

Security Tokens Series (5 part series?—?Part 3) Security tokens seem to be real deal that will revolutionize the crypto sphere in 2018 and beyond. If you are new here, tokenized securities are simply investment tokens

Top Crypto News in Asia from Oct 3rd -6th

What Crypto insiders are reading. ?Our New Podcast with Jason Fang from Sora Ventures is Out! ? In this new episode, Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research is joined by Jason Fang, Managing Partner at

Welcome to the Blockchain-Based Multiverse?—?it Will Change Gaming Forever

Something amazing is happening. The barriers between online worlds are tumbling down. Digital assets are becoming decentralized?—?they are no longer being locked away inside isolated servers. They now public domain where you can access them

The Shrimpy Showdown [Contest Details]

A few months ago we released our social features. Since its release, we have given out hundreds of dollars to our leaders on the platform. Yet, the Shrimpy team is not satisfied. We want to

Everything You Didn’t Know About the Handshake Naming System?—?How this Blockchain Project Will…

Covenants The Handshake blockchain does more than keep the history of domain name ownership; it implements an auction system in-protocol and on-chain, by way of prescribed “smart contracts”, called covenants, which were first described by

Blockchain For Brands: 3 Tips For Educating Customers And Building Your Brand

Most blockchain technology companies run into the same problem when they start building their brand. Namely, how to find their place on the spectrum between being dangerously revolutionary, and too traditional and out of touch.

BizShake STO Review Part 5: Project Roadmap

Frozen in Time Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the BizShake roadmap, let’s have a chat about the general theories of these documents. Roadmaps are essential at the onset of any project, blockchain

3 Ways Blockchain Can Revolutionize Education

3 Ways Blockchain Can Revolutionize Education Now that we’ve got the basics of the blockchain and decentralization out of the way, there are certain characteristics of the blockchain which can revolutionize education. These include: 1?—?Proof

Voting Determines the Conversation: How to Think About Staking Tokens

Why has democracy left us more divided than ever? As we in the cryptocurrency industry think about staking tokens, it’s important to recognize how we got where we are today, and to set up our

Aergo — The 4th Generation Enterprise Blockchain Protocol.

AERGO is all set to resolve the issues of integration, software development, privacy, scalability, and interoperability that exists in today’s blockchains. Thank you for taking the time to read my article about Aergo. In the

Blockchain’s Impact on the Global Economy and the Role of Custody

The advent of Bitcoin and the blockchain has brought a lot of change to the world of finance. Previously, the traditional system of financial transactions involved the active participation of third-party financial institutions i.e. Banks.

Tokenized Assets, Security Tokens, and STOs

What are Tokenized Assets what are the problems they solve, and real-world use cases of how they can benefit existing assets. A recent article on Forbes boldly stated, 2017 was the year of the utility token,

Enkronos ICO Review: How AI + IoT Can Smarten the World’s Farmlands

4 Years in the Making The Enkronos Apps platform is already up and running. And, the ICO has been in the works since 2015. Since then, the project has been secretly developing the platform while signing