VMware vRealize Log Insight is an easy to use virtual appliance that collaborates and manages real-time logs for you. Not only does it integrate nicely amongst VMware products, but it also has the ability to ingest logs from various other vendors such as Cisco, Netapp, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Solarwinds … via the use of content packs.

VMware vRealize Log Insight
In this video tutorial, I walk you through the following VMware Log Insight topics:

VMware vRealize Log Insight Topics

1. Installing the virtual appliance
2. vRealize Log Insight setup wizard
3. Configuring vSphere Integration (ingesting events from vCenter server and ESXi hosts)
4. Interactive Analytics
5. Filtering Logs
6. Creating Alerts from Queries
7. Creating custom dashboards
8. Content Packs
9. System Monitor (Resources and Statistics)

VMware vRealize Log Insight Installation and Configuration






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