Learn how to build a dashboard that generates RegEx using the OpenAI API and a low code tool called Retool. The dashboard allows users to input a string, write a description of the desired RegEx, and generate the code to transform the string accordingly.

? You can find the iframe code here: https://github.com/kubowania/regex-openai

?? This course was created by @AniaKubow .

? Retool provided a grant to make this course possible. Learn more about Retool: https://retool.com

?? Contents ??
(0:00) Introduction
(2:36) Writing our own regex code
(5:06) Creating the header element
(8:11) Creating the text area
(11:35) How to create a custom code editor
(16:32) Creating the new button
(19:08) Setting up the sidebar
(20:58) Configuring the open api api
(22:51) The body of the example example
(24:58) Setting up the code

? Thanks to our Champion and Sponsor supporters:
? Nattira Maneerat
? Heather Wcislo
? Serhiy Kalinets
? Erdeniz Unvan
? Justin Hual
? Agustín Kussrow
? Otis Morgan

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