TypeScript Tutorial for Beginners. Learn TypeScript to write better large-scale JavaScript apps. This tutorial helps you get started quickly.
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0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:52 Prerequisites
0:01:28 How to Take This Course
0:02:57 What is TypeScript?
0:07:38 Setting Up the Development Environment
0:09:30 Your First TypeScript Program
0:13:20 Configuring the TypeScript Compiler
0:17:24 Debugging TypeScript Applications
0:22:55 Fundamentals
0:23:23 Built-In Types
0:25:21 The any Type
0:28:06 Arrays
0:30:24 Tuples
0:33:08 Enums
0:36:31 Functions
0:43:22 Objects
0:47:57 Advanced Types
0:48:26 Type Aliases
0:50:04 Union Types
0:52:40 Intersection Types
0:54:44 Literal Types
0:56:30 Nullable Types
0:59:06 Optional Chaining

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TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and is used for building large-scale JavaScript apps.That’s why a lot of companies use it and are looking for developers with TypeScript skills. If you know JavaScript and are looking for a career in frontend or backend development, you must have TypeScript on your resume.