The latest Kubernetes release, 1.24, is about to be made generally available. Today, the community announced the availability of the 1.24 release candidate. Developers, DevOps and other cloud and open source enthusiasts who want to experiment with the latest cutting edge K8s features can already do so easily with MicroK8s.

MicroK8s is a CNCF-certified Kubernetes that is perfect for kicking the tires on the latest Kubernetes release. Equally at home as a single node on a laptop or a cluster in the cloud, it delivers a no-nonsense, minimal-effort way to spin up any version, including the latest stable or release candidates. MicroK8s is delivered as a self-contained snap package, which uses channels to support different versions with the same simple deployment command.

Install the release candidate now!

It’s as simple as running:

sudo snap install microk8s –channel=1.24/candidate –classic

…from any Linux OS which supports snap packages. Using Windows or macOS? no problem, see the documentation.

Alternatively, go to  and select 1.24/candidate.

Preparing for MicroK8s 1.24 stable release

The MicroK8s team is very excited about the 1.24 release, as it not only brings great features from the K8s project but also some great improvements and add-ons to MicroK8s itself.

New for Kubernetes 1.24

  • CSI volume health monitoring
  • Network Policy Status
  • Dockershim removal

New for MicroK8s

As a reminder, MicroK8s runs on Ubuntu and all major Linux distributions, Windows and macOS. It supports x86 and ARM architectures to bring a simple Kubernetes from RaspberryPi to the clouds. For more on MicroK8s, you can read the docs or follow the tutorials.

We would love to get your feedback, bugs and inquiries from all your testing experiences, so do find us on Discourse, Slack (#microk8s) or GitHub.

Photo by Frank Eiffert on Unsplash.