Warning: Use at your own risk! ? John Hammond shows dodgy websites on the Dark Web, explains the difference between Dark, Deep and Clear and how you can gain access using TOR.

Disclaimer: All information shared in this video is for educational purposes only. We do not recommend that you use the dark web for anything else except for education or prevention.

Advice for White Hats and the dark web? 0:00
Visibility into ransomware gangs: 1:00
Holding your data for ransom (ransomware) 2:30
Ragnar locker leaks site: 2:55
Don’t ask the police: 3:23
Who are Ragnar: 4:01
REvil Happy Blog: 4:23
Kaseya REvil Attack: 5:20
BlackMatter Ransomware: 6:35
Cybersecurity awareness month / Soul destroying: 7:37
How do I learn this as a good person: 8:27
Tor / Dark Web real world: 9:13
John Hammond the hacker: 10:20
What is Tor and the dark web: 10:50
Tor browser: 12:12
The next step (onion domains): 12:30
Silk Road / Ross Ulbricht: 13:30
Clearnet vs dark web: 13:58
What do I get access to this: 14:50
Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only: 15:00
Tails Linux: 16:00
Edward Snowden recommendations: 17:14
Tor relays: 18:20
Tails and Tor are a good way to explore: 19:00
Google for the Dark Web: 19:18
How do you find the onion site? 19:55
John’s onion links: 21:11
Dark web search engines: 21:50
Not safe for work (turn off javascript): 23:22
Process to find things (Operating System / Tor / Search engine / find): 24:00
Hire a hacker: 25:40
Rent a hacker website: 26:50
Marketplace / ebay /amazon: 28:00
Hire hacker / ddos examples: 29:58
Too easy to find this stuff: 31:10
How did you find stuff: 31:40
Don’t do this at school: 32:20
Real world malware: 32:50
Dark web forums: 33:20
xxs example: 34:09
Can you get access on the clearnet: 34:50
Craziest thing you found: 35:20
Hacker’s court: 36:30
It’s a safari ride: 37:15
xxs forum in detail: 38:13
Solarwinds: 41:32
Is it worth it? 42:40
Visibility into ransomware gangs: 43:45
Ragnar locker leaks site: 45:37
REvil Happy Blog: 47:11
Kaseya REvil Attack: 48:05
BlackMatter Ransomware: 50:17
Cybersecurity awareness month / Soul destroying: 51:00
How do I learn this as a good person: 52:10
Would you recommend this for me: 52:33
It’s not a game: 54:18

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