The Kadence Beat Podcast Episode 15: Finding your Beat: Brand Building Fundamentals

Whether you’re just starting a business or you’re looking to improve your business’ marketing, naming and branding your business can make or break your efforts to grow revenue. In this episode of The Kadence Beat, we look at the challenges of naming a business, coming up with logos, color schemes, and of course why this is all so important. A strong brand is critical to so much of marketing, but how do you establish that strength? We talk a little about how Kadence was named and the story we have to our brand, as well as some iterations of other brands we’ve worked with. We also talk a little about StoryBrand and why their philosophy works so well for marketing. 0:00 Intro
3:06 Kadence Shop Kit 2.0, the launch and the livestream
3:38 Development in the Kadence Blocks plugin
5:44 Why we’re talking about brand identity
7:58 The story behind Kadence’s name and brand identity
14:00 Why brand identity is so important to marketing
15:20 Brand identity & customer aspirational identity
18:36 The importance of a tagline
19:19 Pinnacle Foods tagline
20:52 StoryBrand Get the show notes here: For more information about Kadence, visit the following links: Starter Templates: Kadence Theme: Kadence Blocks: Kadence Starter Templates Plugin: Kadence Conversions: Kadence Shop Kit: Kadence Bundles are the most cost effective way to get all Kadence has to offer. If you’re just building a simple site, the essentials bundle might be all you need. But if you’re building anything more dynamic, we highly recommend a Full Bundle. You get access to everything Kadence has to offer, including Kadence Conversions, Kadence Cloud, Kadence Shop Kit and so much more. Kadence is dedicated to helping you create more effective websites. Want to hear more about us? Check out our podcast. We share our philosophy about WordPress site development, marketing, attracting an audience, and effective site design principles. Want to learn more from our community? Join nearly 10,000 Kadence users on our Facebook group: #wordpress #kadencewp #website