The Dangers of Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can be a lot more dangerous than people realize.
They can monitor your activities, steal your data, or even log your keystrokes and passwords.

In this video we explain how browser extensions work, what you be wary of, and how to use them safely. We also dive into the history of browser extensions and plugins.

00:00: Intro
00:48: What is a Browser Extension?
01:27: Plug-ins vs Extensions
03:38: Rise of Extensions
05:54: Danger of Extensions
07:20: Malicious Extensions
08:29: Hackers
08:51: Repurposed Extensions
09:23: Uninformed Users
09:52: Bad Code
10:24: Good side of extensions
12:40: How to Stay Safe

There are some awesome extensions out there that can make your browsing experience better and safer, just make sure you’re not installing a trojan horse filled with trouble just waiting to get into your computer.

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