Last year you provided us with 998 responses to our annual survey and they were amazing. This year, again, I will personally read every single one and if we can crack 1,000 responses we’ll DOUBLE the prize pool.

Read on for more info on why you should participate (basically me demonstrating to you that we really do listen and act), or skip to the bottom for the prizes and to get started.

So to give you an idea of how your feedback can impact what we do, here are just a few things that were driven by our survey last year:

  • Full and free email integration with hosting
  • Integrated web-based file management with hosting
  • Free wildcard SSL for multisite subdomains… also with hosting
  • 50% more SSD storage with our starter plan
  • We gave you an additional Australian data center
  • A much faster Hub with beauuuutifully redesigned tabs
  • Local WebP conversion for Smush (and a tonne of other Smushy stuff)
  • Vastly enhanced our white label options, including entirely white labelling The Hub itself and making it easier to completely white label our hosting
  • Refined and improved all of our plugins load, making them faster and more nimble
  • Introduced our first few bulk configs (Defender and Uptime, the rest are on the way)
  • Generally improved how you can bulk, sort, and manage multiple sites
  • In the next few weeks you are going to get client billing.
  • And by the end of this year, a fully integrated and automated domain and hosting reseller solution.

Phew… so you get the point… basically we really do listen to what you tell us and we really will then act on it, so now is your best chance to get the features you want from us and drive WPMU DEV in your direction.

Up for grabs – 5 free annual memberships + 1 free LIFETIME membership

And, like last year, everyone who participates has a chance to win one of 5 free annual memberships at an Agency level (each worth $1,188) and 1 free lifetime membership (also at Agency level and worth, well, it’s priceless).

Winners will be notified by email and if they are happy with it, will be announced in the comments here and on our social channels.

Double the prizes if we get over 1,000 responses

And, like I said at the start, if we get over 1,000 responses, that’ll *double* to 10 free annual accounts and 2 lifetimes!

Remember though, I’ll read them all (took me 1 week of reading and 1 week of analysis last year), as will our entire analytical team (3-5 people) so they need to all be legitimate 😉

So, please go for it, the more information the better, we cannot wait to hear from you (and this closes in 1 week, so do it noooow):

The survey is now closed. Thank you for participating and good luck in the draw everyone!